Road Trippin’ Day 10

Hey Gorgeous Friends,

We woke up this morning parked in my grandma’s neighborhood. It was Sunday morning, church day!!!!!

Visiting my grandma’s church is one of the highlights of my trip here each and every time. She attends Lakeside Baptist Church. My grandparents have been attending the church for about 30 years. The congregation have been a community and support system for my grandma throughout my grandfather’s illness and have continued to be there for her after his passing. 

She has served the church in a variety of ways over the years from singing in the choir, to planting and watering rose bushes, decorating and changing the bulletin boards. For a while she was even driving there before garbage day to take the cans out because she found out the pastor was doing it himself, and she didn’t want him to have to do it!!

Pastor Ben preached a solid sermon on suffering and how we can benefit from it. It is part one of a series.

The kids sat with us and then they were dismissed to children’s church. They went willingly and happily and had a blast!

After the sermon, there was a final worship song. Chuck captured this precious picture of my aunt Julie, grandma, and I worshipping.

We met grandma’s friends!

And we took a 4 generation photo on the front of the church.

After church, we stopped for Boba Tea for Ayden and then spent some time hanging at grandma’s.

Views of my grandma’s beautiful town.

And a pic of my beautiful cousin Debbie and Nia. They totally hit it off!!

And that’s a wrap on day 10!

Much love to all of you!!

Vanessa Lynn

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