Road Trippin’ Day 20: That’s a Wrap!

Hi Gorgeous Friends!!

Today was puppy pick up day!!! We planned to pick up Junior and then take one more night to camp somewhere in Florida on our way home. But between the hurricane, having two dogs in tow, and just being ready to get home, we decided to pick up pup and head for home if the weather allowed it.

We woke up with about 3 hours left to drive to get to Statesboro, GA where our puppy was waiting.

We left at 630 am and right at about 930, we pulled onto the street to puppy’s neighborhood. We realized that the road was narrow and there were lots of low lying canopy branches making a beautiful covering over the road, but too low for the camper to get through. So Ann Marie who is the owner drove him down to the end of the road to meet us.

She shared that he was quite a character. She told a story of how she heard a really terrifying whelping coming from the puppy pen. She went over and it was Junior howling. All the puppies were fine, but he was really carrying on. She thought he may be injured so she brought him inside and spent some time with him. Nope, nothing wrong. He just wanted to come in with the people. She kept him in with her all night and he was so happy.

And here are more pics from our first meeting and hand off. We chatted for a while. Ann Marie is such a kind soul, and if there wasn’t a hurricane coming and all the kids anxiously wanting to get their hands on the puppy, I would have loved to chat longer!

Some pictures from the drive home. He slept almost the whole day as we drove. He did get out and pee when we stopped each time. I was so proud of him for that.

And Lucy was indifferent to him. We have to be careful and keep them separated a little longer. I am hoping to get further clarification from the vet Friday. Lucy spent the day sitting in my front seat or sleeping on the couch. She still seems to be recovering from survival mode and sleeps alot.

When we finally pulled into our driveway at a little after 930pm, it was such a welcome sight. The kids were so happy to be home. Addy kept saying again and again how good her home felt.

Our sleeping arrangements this first night were Lucy in Brycen’s bed, and the puppy slept in our room. When I woke up in the morning, Lucy had moved to Bentley’s bed and stretched completely out.

Thanks for joining us on our journey! We made it home safe and sound and now to rest…

That’s a wrap on Day 20! We are home.


Vanessa Lynn

13 thoughts on “Road Trippin’ Day 20: That’s a Wrap!

  1. So glad to read that you all are safely home, with two new additions: Lucy and Junior. What a blessing you have been to Lucy! That God provides for all of His creatures is reassuring to us all. A great journey filled with lessons for us all. Thank you for letting us go along! Praise God, you’re home!

  2. Welcome home! I have been following your trip, but since we are on ours, I haven’t had much time to respond. How wonderful that you got to visit your family. We just left Gettysburg, PA this morning and are on our way to Lancaster, PA. It is day 63 of our Rv trip!

    1. Wow! Day 63! Sounds amazing. Enjoy each stop. One of my favorite things were all of the great people along the way. I lived in PA for a short time when I was very little and even went to Kindergarten there. I believe in Lancaster or close by!

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