Feeling far from Jesus?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start.  A new day to rise and be filled with the love and power of Christ.

A new day to walk with Him and talk with Him and worship Him with your whole heart.

What if you rose today and made the choice to praise Him all day?

Intentionally saying to Him throughout the day things like,

Lord, I praise Your Holy Name. You are good and worthy of my adoration. I trust You today and all of Your Promises.

Lord, I see the sun shining and the bird singing. I know Your Word spoke them right into existence. You are an amazing Creator.

Lord, my heart sings for gladness that You created me and chose me to walk on the earth impacting it for good.

Lord, there are pains and worries and things weighing down my heart today and yet still I choose to feast my eyes on Your goodness. I know Your promises are true and that You are working all things together for good.

Lord, I trust mountains are moving and miracles are on the horizon.

Lord, I trust that You are with me all the days of my life. I trust that You are listening to the cries of my heart and You are putting things in order behind the scenes.

Lord, You are magnificent, mighty, Savior, King, Redeemer, beginning and end, and the maker of all things good.

If You Lord are for me, then what can possibly be against me? Nothing in the earth is greater or more powerful than You. I place my trust in You today!

Friends, this is just a sampling of how we can talk with the Lord and praise Him all day long.

I came home from our 20 day trip across the US and back with two new pups and tons of work ahead of me, and I got sick. Really, really sick. I stayed home for 2 weeks with cough, pounding headaches, and chest pain. I went to the doctor and found out that I had pulled a muscle coughing. Thankfully, I didn’t have Covid and my lungs were clear, but the doctor had me take a round of antibiotics to kick whatever it was. Even after the doctor, I continued to feel run down and so tired.

I woke up this morning feeling re energized and for the first time in weeks “better”!

And as I prayed, I felt so far from Jesus. For weeks, I haven’t spent much time with Him. And I am heading back to church today for the first time since we’ve been home, and I just felt like I needed to repent of my absence from Him. He gently reminded me that He is more than enough for my weakness. That even when I felt like I wasn’t seeking Him daily, He was right there with me.

That any place where I lack, He fills.

Any place where I fall short, His grace makes up the difference.

Where my works are not enough, He is MORE than sufficient and has already filled the gap between us.

And the quickest way back to Jesus is to talk with Him and to praise Him. We are designed to be in close relationship with the Lord through worship. So any distance that you feel between you and Jesus can be closed up by simply opening up and speaking aloud to Him your praises and honor. He will draw near to you and fill you up with a peace and comfort and security found only in Him!

So this Sunday, if you woke up feeling disappointed, discouraged, depressed, weak, sick, worried, or far from Jesus, just begin to praise and speak the blessing and the good all around you. If you don’t feel like it, then this is the MOST critical time to do it.

Praising when we don’t feel like it is a weapon that slays the dark and it demonstrates your faithfulness to God regardless of season or feeling. And remember in your weaknesses, His power and strength show up. Call on Him and as you praise Him, also tell Him where you are weak, worried, sad, disappointed. He will come and pick up those heavy burdens and give you new strength and peace.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You that Your strength is sufficient for my weaknesses. Thank You that even after weeks of feeling like I wasn’t seeking You fully, you STILL sought after me. You were still here and with me. Thank You that You NEVER leave us and that Your faithfulness stands firm and strong for your people. Let us praise You this Sunday with sincerity and gladness.

In Jesus’s name, Amen..

Blessings and Praise to His Name,

Vanessa Lynn

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