Watch “Boldly Entering the Battlefield” on YouTube

Hi Gorgeous Friends!

Are there giants in your life staring you down and taunting you with how big they are? Are there things that cause worry, fear, weariness, or hopelessness to set in looking you in the eye. Check out my vulnerable share about how to boldly enter the battlefield and come out victorious. Follow along as I retell the story of David and Goliath and pull treasures from it that we can apply to our lives to fight our “giants.”

3 thoughts on “Watch “Boldly Entering the Battlefield” on YouTube

  1. I love these:
    “It’s all about who Christ is”,
    “Any weakness you have is just a place for God to show off his glory”,
    “The same God who rescued you from every other trial you’ve ever faced will rescue you from whatever trial you face today,”
    “we speak aloud the promises of God right in the face of the giants,”
    “God’s Victory through you will cause other enemies to flee”, and so many other powerful words today. Thank you!

    Girl, God is showing HIS power in and through you! Keep up the good work! Lots of love and praise for what God is doing in your life. May the Giants be slain in Jesus’ name.

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