Exciting News! Delivered and Ready for Pickup!

Hey Gorgeous Friends,

I started blogging about the Names of God a few months ago, and I believe wholeheartedly that as we learn more and more about the nature of God, our Creator, we learn more about the TRUTH of who we are.

The more and more we soak in the truth, the less and less we will be moved by the lies that the world tries to speak into us.

When we speak a name of the Lord aloud, we can also speak what it means about our identity.

For example: You are El Roi. The Lord who sees me.

And then you can speak an I am statement back to yourself.

You are El Roi, the God who sees me..

I am seen by the Lord of the whole world.

You are Elohim, creator of all..

I am created by the Lord who hung the stars, moon, earth, and everything in it.

You are Jireh, the Lord who provides.

I am cared for by You and all my needs are supplied by You.

Last year, I made 10 scripture cards with an I am statement on each one backed by scripture. I package them in a little hand decorated box.

And this year, I’ve created 12 scripture cards with a name of God stated as a You are ______ with the name of God in the blank. And then the scripture under it that explains the Name.

These cards are meant to remind your soul who God is so that you can partner with the truth about who you ARE in Him.

The back of each card has a prayer in which you declare your trust in Him!

You can read it and then declare, “I am seen by You.”

There are 12 of these and they will be packaged in small white decorated boxes.

And the exciting news! They got delivered and I am picking them today!

I hope they look as beautiful in print as the digital copies. They will be business card sized on cardstock with rounded corners.

I finished decorating the boxes about a month ago, and I’ve been waiting for them to arrive!

I will be selling them in my little Faith Gifts Shop for $6 each box locally and $9 shipped just like my other cards.

Once I pick them up and package them, I’ll add an updated photo with the final product!

You can access every card digitally in my previous blog posts.

Here’s to speaking the truth into and over our soul!

I picked them up! I picked them up!!!!

They turned out beautiful! Nice, quality cardstock, the color is pretty and vibrant, and the font is easy to read.


Vanessa Lynn

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