The Bible is God’s Love Letter to us: Exodus

Good Morning Gorgeous!

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and walk free.

Totally free from any bondage.

Totally free from painful words that replay again and again in your mind.

Totally free from the sins that others have committed against you.

Totally free from the destructive patterns of your own sins.

Totally free from the captivity that feels like an oppressive chain that won’t break off.

Totally free from shame, guilt, and lies that try to keep you covered in shame.

Totally free from gripping fear that has you frozen and afraid to move.

Totally free from people pleasing and perfectionism that steals your joy.

Totally free from the captivity of your current space because you are feeling unworthy to move ahead to the destiny that God has planned for you.

Totally free. Completely free. Light and without heavy burdon free.

How can this possibly be and what might it look like?

Let’s look to the ultimate story of liberation! Exodus. Which literally means mass exit.

This is another book of the Bible so overflowing with demonstrations of His love for His people that it was hard to focus in on just one focal point.

God demonstrates His love again and again as He sets His people free from bondage.

The previous book of the bible, Genesis, ends with prosperity and blessing. Joseph has overcome all of the schemes and plots of the enemy that attempted to steal the promise that God had to set apart a special nation through the descendants of Abraham.

Joseph has overcome betrayal by his brothers, slavery, wrongful imprisonment, and a severe famine. He has become prosperous in the very land that his brothers sold him into. And Genesis ends with all of his brothers, their wives, their possessions and his father Jacob moving into Egypt as invited and honored guests.

Exodus opens up with a mighty twist in the story.. the same land that welcomed Joseph’s family and treated them as honored, high class citizens who were given much respect has now turned against them.

The same demonic influence of jealousy and fear that caused Joseph’s brothers to sell him in Genesis has now gripped the Pharoah in Egypt.

When people are jealous and afraid of the prosperity of others, they sometimes act in ways that are painful, abusive, and oppressive.

The Pharoah saw the blessing on the Israelites. They were multiplying quickly and had many, strong robust babies.

He was concerned that at the rate they were going, they would take over. He forced them into slavery and the Israelites became slaves of the Egyptians.

The once free group of people were now under the rule and demands of the Pharoah. The more he oppressed, they still prospered. He tried many schemes to slow their abundant growth from ordering the midwives to kills the baby boys at birth to eventually ordering all baby boys be killed.

And this is where the story of Moses enters the scene. His mother bravely sends him in the small basket in the river and he is rescued by Pharoah’s daughter. He would grow up in the palace, but later become the first priest to serve as a mediator between God and the Israelites. And, the Lord had a liberation plan in the works for His people.

Imagine though for a moment how bleak the times looked. Harsh, forced slave labor for your people, a tyrannical Pharoah is killing babies. The times must have seemed dark and evil and hopeless. The slavery had no end in sight. It looked as if God had forgotten His promises spoken to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Where was God and how would He possibly redeem this situation? And YET right there amidst an evil ruler who had no regard for life and people, a baby is born and a plan is set into action for total and complete liberation!!!

Right in the midst of darkness and deep anguish, God is setting deliverance into motion!

He is still delivering His people today!

Moses grows up and through lots of twisty turns and some heavy mistakes, God still works out His plan through Moses. He uses Moses and his brother Aaron to speak to the Pharoah and demand the release of the Israelites. Plague after plague descends upon the land. It never harms or hurts the Israelites and after each plague, the Pharoah is given a fresh chance to liberate the Israelites. He refuses and time and time again the Lord strikes a new disaster. Finally, after 9 plagues and 9 times the Pharoah has refused to release God’s people, God moves in a way that foreshadows what Jesus would also do for us on the cross. It’s the final plague, the 10th one. The worst one, death. But there will be protection from death for God’s people.

We see the set up and design of Passover which both protects God’s people from death and also sets them completely and totally free from bondage swiftly and with no resistance.

The Pharoah is totally defeated and with Jesus, the enemy and all forces of darkness and their powers are also defeated.

Imagine for a moment what this freedom story was like as the Israelites walked it out. Imagine being an Israelite that made that Mass Exodus out of Egypt .

It’s been a long, difficult season. Pharaoh refuses again and again to release us. We get our hopes up that this will be the moment when he relents and we can be set free from this place. Our ancestors came here as royalty, but we reside here in a foreign land as despised slaves.

We have been given very interesting instructions to follow tonight. Our people are abuzz with hope. We are feeling every emotion possible including the fear being disappointed yet again by being held captive but yet we also have friends here among the Egyptian women. So there will be great loss of all that we have ever known. We were all born in this land. Born slaves, we know nothing else.

Tonight we are to eat a one year old, blemish free lamb. We are to take a hyssop branch and dip it in the lamb’s blood and mark the door posts of our home. This will protect us. We are to eat the meal standing up and ready to go. This is going to be our freedom day. We are packed and ready.

We have been here in Egypt for 430 years. That’s a long captivity. Of course it wasn’t captivity at first, but slowly over time the oppression and bondage set in and over. But it has been revealed to us that our freedom will come swiftly tonight. The Lord has been working signs and wonders among us. He has sent plague after plague upon the Egyptians, but nothing has harmed our people. Every prophecy has come true so far, so we are trusting each instruction and following it carefully.

There will be devastation tonight, but because of the blood of the lamb, we won’t be harmed. The angel of death will pass right over us, and we will be walking free right past the enemy. We will be saved in plain sight! All will know that our God is all powerful and we are His people.

We did the math and we discovered that we are leaving Egypt exactly 430 years to the day that our ancestors entered. God has shown us that He is very specific and intentional. Nothing is just a coincidence with our Lord. He puts together people, places, and events to work on our behalf. Freedom is just ahead and we are ready.

And friends, God did just what He spoke to Moses. He carried out the instructions JUST like He promised. He promised deliverance to them that night by the blood of the lamb.

And today, thousands of years later, deliverance is AGAIN available by the blood of the Lamb. The spotless, perfect lamb Jesus gave His life for all so that we can be set free from the curse of sin and death.

And JUST as God was so intentional and PERFECT in His timing and led the Israelites out exactly 430 years to the Day that they entered, so He was intentional about when Jesus would give His life for us.

It was Passover weekend! The Israelites were gathered together to celebrate the Passover. The SAME Passover that delivered them from their first captivity would be the Passover celebration/remembrance that Jesus was eating with His disciples when He instituted the new covenant. The new way by which God’s people would be delivered and set free. By the blood of a NEW Lamb! Jesus!

Wow! So Exodus is a foreshadowing of the perfect lamb who was to come.

It’s the story of perfect deliverance that came quickly and completely after what seemed like the oppression would never end.

But God had deliverance planned all along for the Israelites AND for you right now.

If you are oppressed or stuck in any area, let’s give it all to Jesus. The first part of receiving deliverance or healing is total surrender. Then, the giving up of whatever is holding you captive. Whatever past sin, whatever hurt, whatever sickness that is attacking you, whatever sinful desires, whatever old patterns. Whatever it is, you can break your agreement with it by renouncing it or giving it up.
And finally, inviting Jesus to have FULL authority over that area of your life.

1. The Israelites had to surrender to the will of God for them to be free.

2. They had to give up the “safety” of the land of Egypt and leave it behind. By physically leaving, they were saying, “our captivity is over.”

3. They had to OBEY and follow God’s instructions of covering their door posts with the blood of the lamb and then going in a new direction where God was leading.

You get the SAME freedom when you follow Christ. As a believer in Jesus, your healing is available through

1. Surrender

2. Leaving the old  ( whatever it is) behind, and

3. Calling on the name of Jesus to protect you and take you to the promised land of healing and restored promises

Dear Heavenly Father,

We praise Your Holy Name for deliverance available through the power of Jesus. Just as a lamb was sacrificed and the blood protected and delivered the Israelites all the way back in Exodus, Jesus willingly became the sacrificial, perfect, blameless lamb so that we could be free. Lord, speak to us right now. Show me areas that need to be surrendered to You. Show me where I need to give up old ways and receive new ways in Christ. Show me old patterns of thinking that need to go. Show me anything in my life that is oppressing me and hurting me. Show me even my own sins that I need to release so that full healing cane come. Reveal to me Lord what needs to leave so more of You can flow through me. Thank You Lord for Your perfect plans of deliverance available to me now! In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Blessings and Breakthroughs of deliverance and healing in the Name of Jesus!

Vanessa Lynn

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