Reflections from my first live on YouTube

Good Morning Gorgeous!

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and move boldly with Christ.

Moving Boldly can be scary.

Moving Boldly can feel vulnerable.

Moving Boldly can leave you feeling like you need to run for cover.

Moving Boldly is what life with Christ is all about!

He called Peter out of the boat and onto the water.

He called 12 men to leave it all behind, all safety, all previous means of provision, and live a brand new way.

He later called 72 and then ultimately the whole world!

He called Saul to leave the religious system he was zealously protecting for a life of persecution.

To follow Christ is to live out of your own comfort zone.

To move where His voice calls.

To use every drop of gifting, talent, time, and treasure to advance His kingdom and see souls set free.

To lay your own life down and follow the one He has destined for you.

And His plans for your life are so big that they require Holy Spirit empowerment to accomplish.

And to move like this, we must drop shame, pride, and self, and pick up His identity for us, His power, and walk in His perfect plans.

We also have to release what others think in exchange for the approval of Him alone.

I stepped out and recorded my first ever YouTube Live last Sunday. It was a little messy. The internet was cutting in and out due to a storm, and then 45 minutes in, it stopped altogether. I didn’t get to pray with the women who were on. I didn’t get to wrap up and close. BUT I stepped out.

And I am healed from SHAME! I can tell because when it ended, I didn’t hyper focus on all the things that went wrong. My old self that was covered with shame would not accept anything less than perfect. I would have deleted it and taken it down because of all of the errors. I would have focused on every error, every stumble, and everything else that wasn’t just right.

But instead, I am leaving it up, and celebrating my boldness in trying something new! I am accepting the lessons I learned about the technology. And I am trusting that those who watched it were encouraged by God’s goodness!

I am growing and it is all thanks to His Mercy and His Kindness and His Faithfulness.

I will do another live soon. Hopefully the technology will all work better. Maybe I’ll get the lighting right too…

In the meantime, I’m going to keep chasing after this amazing Jesus that is seriously blowing my mind these days with His goodness! I can’t wait to share more. He is showing me again and again that He is still moving in power just like He did in the gospels and throughout the New Testament. That same Jesus is still moving powerfully JUST like He did when He walked the earth, but now through Holy Spirit filled believers!

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are SOOO goood! I am amazed by how involved You are in every detail of our lives. I am in awe of how You call us out of the boat and then equip us to do the impossible! You are amazing and wonderful and worthy of all praise. Lord, let each of us continue to grow in boldness for You and advancing Your Kingdom.

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

5 thoughts on “Reflections from my first live on YouTube

  1. So powerful!!
    And the video had me highlighting and note taking in the margins and still reflecting on your words days later..God’s will was and is being fulfilled! Praise Him!

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