Summer Adventures: Georgia Mountains Day 3 “Miss Vanessa, I don’t believe in God.”

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and move in the direction Jesus is going!

We are on vacation with a total of 15 people, and part of our village includes a few older teenage boys that I have had the privilege of watching grow up.

One of the boys informed me yesterday that He believes in a higher power, but not one true God. He went on to explain that he no longer believes in God and he believes there are many routes to take regarding things that are spiritual. He talked about Buddha and fasting and reading the Bible too.

He is definitely open, but kinda open to all and everything. I am meeting more and more people who believe this lie that any spiritual route with a higher power is acceptable and good.

So I listened to all he shared. No interrupting him. No quoting tons of scripture to refute him. No arguing.

Friends, engaging in arguments with a pre believer allows religious, divisive, argumentative spirits into the conversation. You can feel the conversation heating up and before you know it, both of you are feeling angry. This closes off both people from really hearing or understanding the other.

That’s not Jesus. Jesus didn’t argue the gospel. He did get angry, but not with people who didn’t understand. He was patient with the people he was teaching. He got angry with the religious leaders who exercised religion to control people and for personal gain.

So when talking to someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus as the One and only true God who is also the only way to heaven and the only way to abundant living here on earth, I believe there’s a better way than arguing it out.

Listen. Really listen to their beliefs. God gives everyone free will. He doesn’t get mad and argue with them until they believe. Quite the opposite, He draws them in with love and compassion.

I fully believe that He is after every single person on earth, and He is speaking to them in many different ways. Putting people in their path, setting divine appointments, and speaking to them in ways that they would hear and come to Him in response.

So I listened and then responded in two ways. I did share some scripture and told him that he was created and chosen by God. That he is here on purpose with divine purpose, and that God designed his every feature and placed him here on earth at this very time. I told him that God was good and God was for him. That Jesus came and gave himself for us because he loves us that much.

And then I gave him a challenge! I told him that he didn’t have to decide now, but to take a challenge. I said God will reveal Himself to you if you ask him to. I asked him if over the next few weeks he would begin to just ask God some questions and expect an answer. I said whenever you are thinking about it, just talk to Him. Ask Him, “God, are You real? Will you show me that You are God? Will you speak to me in some way? I am curious and seeking.”

I encouraged him to do this when he is getting ready or when he’s driving or whenever he gets some time to think.

I told him that God is drawing him to Himself and that as he opens his heart with questions, God will speak and reveal to Him new things!

He agreed. His eyes were big as he realized I wasn’t going to argue, but instead I was inviting him to seek out this amazing, intimate God for himself.

I shared how God speaks to me and how He has been there with me.

He’s hungry, but confused by all the different religions.

Would you join me in praying for Allen that he would have an encounter with the living God that brings him into relationship with Him?

This is Allen cooking breakfast! Great young man with lots of gifts and talents!!

So here we are Day 3! This conversation originated as we were cooking breakfast, so there were lots more adventures throughout the day..

Here’s a recap of the day!

Nia and Charlotte. Nia said she was covering her face from bugs!
Chuck and Brycen hanging on the balcony.
Mandy’s pup Penelope
Charlotte crafting
Windows of fun treasures everywhere!!
Brycen and Raegan
Mandy and Christy prepping dinner early in the day.
Nia swears wearing glasses helps when she’s chopping onions
Prepping for a large dinner means cooking multiple smaller batches. This is the start of fried rice.

After dinner prep, we headed downtown to Helen for shopping!

Windows full of treasures
The boys! I’ve been praying for each one to know God deeply and follow Him with all of their heart! They’ve been friends almost their whole life, and I so desire to see them ALL willing in truth.

After Helen, we headed back to finish dinner. We had hungry kids and adults!!

Mandy cooking!
Fried Rice for 15! I have the best recipe for chicken fried rice. I’ll post it sometime…

Christy made fresh teriyaki sauce too. It was so amazing!

We cook just about every meal while we are in the mountains. We all jump in and cook together. It’s fun to share cooking hacks and talk about how we each prepare different meals.

Another fun day!

Here’s Christy’s tiktok recap!

And all the while we are vacationing, I am thinking about how God is moving and calling His people to follow Him into deeper revelation. He is definitely up to something!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for how You desire each and every person to come to repentance and know You as their Lord and Savior. Lord, open the eyes of our loved ones. Sometimes it can be so much easier to minister to friends and even strangers than our own closest family. Lord, give us the right Words to share the gospel and see souls saved and set free. Give us listening ears to hear others and then put Holy Spirit Words on our tongue to flow forth with Truth and Love.

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

Our whole village

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