Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and look expectantly toward Jesus for all that you need.

Guidance, Healing, Strength, Power, Provision, Freedom, Revelation, Understanding, Friendship, Wise Counsel

It’s all available because of Jesus. Jesus came to redeem all that was lost at the fall of man. He came to restore us back to Himself and to give us a most amazing, miraculous, hard to fully comprehend: GIFT!

The gift of the Holy Spirit. The gift of the Spirit of God Himself taking up residence on the inside of us and being our wonderful Counselor who instructs us and counsels us in all things!

And the prophecy. Oh the prophecy. Jesus’s birth was planned in the heavens long before the angel appeared to Mary. Even in the midst of God’s people rejecting Him again and again, the prophet Isaiah gave messages of hope and the promise of a Messiah who would save God’s people and extend the promise to all people who believed.

God planned to save His people even while they were actively sinning against Him and turning away from His ways. He had given them the promised land, safety from their enemies, and a moral code that protected them. Yet, the pattern continued of them turning to Him and rejecting Him, turning to Him and then subsequently rejecting Him. And in the midst of this rebellion, He promised a Savior. One whom would be King, Counselor, Mighty God, Father, and the Prince of Peace. This was promised hundreds of years before Jesus’s birth. Jesus’s names were beginning to be revealed long before His birth.

And as Mighty Counselor, He would manifest Himself as the Holy Spirit. An amazing Gift that Jesus said He would send to His people to instruct them, empower them, guide them, and be their sign of their Holy Inheritance.

Jesus would be our Mighty Counselor whose very thoughts could become our thoughts! He would come and inhabit the hearts of those who accepted Him by faith.

Here are some of the amazing prophecies about the Mighty Counselor, the Holy Spirit! Promises of Him were given long before Jesus’s birth, death, resurrection, and ascension.

The promises here were that He would counsel us from within our spirits! He would directly counsel our mind and our hearts.

Wow! That was all prophecy from the Old Testament long before Jesus!

So what does Jesus have to say about the Holy Spirit?

He tells His followers that they would be instructed, taught, and reminded what to do and say by His Spirit.

He tells them that they don’t even need to worry because the Father Himself will speak through them.

And in some of His final words to them before He ascends to heaven, He instructs them to wait in Jerusalem for the Promise of the Father to come to them. This would be the Holy Spirit that would equip them and empower them just as Jesus had preached and promised. Jesus spoke often of the coming Holy Spirit that would counsel and empower His people to do even more miracles than He did. This is because He would be dwelling on the inside of men and women!

And then they watched Him ascend to heaven and they waited. They waited and they waited, and on Pentecost they received the promised gift.

Peter, the SAME Peter who denied Christ and trembled in fear is now filled with the Spirit and power of God, stands up and BOLDLY addresses the crowd. He tells them that what they are experiencing is what was PROPHECIED about all the way back by the prophet Joel. He tells them this is what you’ve been waiting for!

And…….. if you wonder what this means for you….. Peter is very clear about how to recieve it and that the gift continues to be given to faith filled believers today.

This beautiful counsel of the Lord is accessed through faith in Jesus Christ. The Lord gives us such power and counsel!


I know this post has been long and there are SO SO many more verses I didn’t include about the Holy Spirit. The scriptures are abundant and detailed and amazingly clear about how Jesus has fulfilled the prophecies and sent His Spirit so that people and God are no longer separate, but now are one in Spirit. The bible says that “We have the very mind of Christ!”

Wow! What a promise. So whenever you feel weak, stressed, frozen in fear, stuck in a destructive pattern, unsure of what direction to take next, confused about a topic, or don’t know what or how to pray….. there is an answer to each of these situations already on the inside of you.

You can turn to the Holy Spirit to guide and answer the hardest of questions. The Bible says that God will write His laws on the hearts of His people. He will guide you in all righteousness as you lean into Him for instruction.

So this Christmas if there are things that are weighing heavy on you, lean into the Lord to carry the burden instead.

If you have questions about how to celebrate Christmas in ways that honor the Lord and allow you to fully experience His Presence, ask Him. Give your desires, questions, and cares to Him because He will counsel you and guide you. He promised and you can take Him at His Word!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Wow!! Thank You for Jesus! Thank You for the Holy Spirit! Thank You for how You manifest in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Your Promises are true and for us. Lord, help us to release any fears we have about receiving and walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Lord, guide us and help us to grow as followers of Jesus Christ who recognize and listen to the Holy Spirit that is on the inside of us. Lord, we accept and receive Your Holy Spirit’s guidance, correction, instruction, and power.

In Jesus’s name, Amen..


Vanessa Lynn

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