Declare this Scripture when the enemy brings up your past.

Good Morning Gorgeous!

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and rest in the forgiveness of our sins.

Today is a day to celebrate who you are in Christ.

Set free
At peace with God

The Bible promises that the Lord removes our sin and separates it from us as far as the east is from the west.

And yet… the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy the peace that comes from a forgiven past and a bright future serving the Lord.

The enemy tries to diminish your radical transformation and your new freedom from sin and condemnation.

He yells loudly at you all of your faults, shortcomings, failures, and the sins that you regret the most.

Speak Back!!!

It is written! I have peace with God. I am no longer a sinner, but now I have a new life with Christ. The old me passed away and all things became NEW. The Lord is not angry with me. He has washed me clean and I will not dig back up that which the Lord has cleansed away. I have been made right in the Lord’s sight and I am at peace with my Lord. He doesn’t see sin when He looks upon me. If my Lord has washed me clean, I will choose to ignore the voices of the enemy when he tries to condemn me for things the Lord has chosen to separate from me. I am no longer bound, but free. Free to live in peace in my mind, peace in my heart, peace with God, and peace with others.

Wow! The enemy is after the peace the Lord has lavished on you. Every time you choose to remember your sin and allow the guilt and condemnation to set it, you are partnering with the enemy’s scheme to take your peace that the Lord has given.

Choose today to speak back to the enemy’s assaults at your mind and remind your soul and the enemy that you are at peace with God!

Dear Heavenly Father,
Praise be to You for the gift of a forgiven soul and a mind at peace. Thank You that You have redeemed us from a life of sin and set us on solid ground where the sand no longer shifts and moved beneath our feet. Holy Spirit help us to walk in ALL truth.
In Jesus’s Name,

Blessings and sweet peace today!

6 thoughts on “Declare this Scripture when the enemy brings up your past.

  1. Vanessa, I’ve been reading through all of your scripture declaration posts over this past weekend and then taking notes in my blogging notebook (accrediting them to you of course😉) …These words are uplifting and the Holy Spirit is using you in a mighty way to speak truth that points to Him!
    I’ve felt a prompting to reach out to you (and I wouldn’t be surprised if God has already laid it on your heart) but have you considered creating a Bible study from this or maybe a devotional book? Such good content and so encouraging!!!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for this kind encouragement! I have felt led for awhile to publish something…I will pray on this. Thanks again for speaking encouragement to keep going into me!

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