Just. Keep. Going!

Good Morning Gorgeous Woman of God,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start.

A new day to rise with a fresh hope stirred inside of you!

A new day to run into the Arms of Jesus.

A new day to dig your feet into the gravel and run your race with determined endurance.

A new day to throw off every doubt, every worry, every naysayer voice.

A new day to move unhindered by what you feel you lack and instead focus on what God has lavishly given.

A new day to just. Keep. Going.

You WILL survive the hour.
You WILL make it out alive.
You WILL prosper.
You WILL keep moving ahead.
You WILL experience the promise fulfilled.

Woman of God, take a new firm grip on the Word of God and let it be your strength today.
You may be tired and worn out this morning from battle, but you are STILL in the fight and this round ENDS IN VICTORY!!!

Come on Women of God!!! You are not just any warrior. You are a Kingdom Warrior and a Victorious Woman.

I was driving to work yesterday morning and got a fresh revelation that Jesus LIVES INSIDE of me!

Ya ever hear something that you’ve known, but its brand new as it gets deeper into your soul. A fresh realization of an old , well known truth?

My spirit leapt with JOY as the truth got deeper and deeper in my spirit. Jesus lives IN ME! I am walking around all day with GOD in MEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Come on somebody! That’s gotta make ya wanna leap and shout and sing a new song unto the Lord!

It’s been a tough season for some, even tougher for others, You ARE gonna make it.

Failure is not an option because He lives in YOU. You are a walking, breathing house of the Living God! And God will strengthen you. Meet your needs. Equip you for every good work!

Run to Him today. And let Him be your strength so you can keep going on with the beautiful journey ahead!

Dear Heavenly Father,

THANK YOU!!!!!! Your ways are gooooooooddddd and for me. Your promises include me. Your plans are for my good and for me to prosper. Show me every weight that needs to be stripped off of me, so that I can keep going strong and steady for the Kingdom of God!

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Blessings and Endurance!

Vanessa Lynn

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6 thoughts on “Just. Keep. Going!

    1. Jesus gets alllll the glory. I take each day one step at a time. One thing at a time. I rarely let myself zoom out and look at the big picture. It’s way too overwhelming. Just one hour at a time focusing on being as present as possible with the people right in front of me.

      And just fyi….. I love you Barb! You have been such a blessing and encouragement to me on hard days.

  1. Very motivating! I love when something encouraging (I’ve known for a time) once again renews, strengthens and freshens my soul!

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