I’m Free…

I am free. Free to choose where I’m traveling next and who will be traveling along. Free to bring along those who build me up and leave behind those who tear me down brick by brick. Free to enjoy small quiet moments of wonder in my children’s eyes. Free to be kissed by the summer sun and cleansed by the sea. Free to travel in the direction of my purpose and head directly into the places my inner compass is pointing to. Ahead in my travels, there is joy, there is peace, there is laughter, and even the much sought after acceptance. True, genuine acceptance of me just the way God designed me.  Included in my travel agenda is picking up old forgotten dreams, dreaming brand new dreams, allowing hope to join us again, and finally finding pure joy. God given joy that rises from within and is not contingent on surroundings, weather, or diverted travel plans. The joy I’m seeking is not moved by what I see or experience along my journey, but in finding my God face to face and allowing Him to pour joy into my soul. Like a thick oil, it will seep into cracks and heal hurts both small and gaping.The oil from my Lord that heals and makes hearts whole again is attainable and will be acquired on my journey through intentional seeking of His face. He will NOT hide from me. I need only seek and ask and He is faithful to give directions to His healing powers. Lord, let it be so here on earth as it is in heaven. Let us be healed and made whole walking with Heavenly purpose in the here and now. Lord, I pray for travels that give glory to You. I pray for every woman reading this post. That she would feel the freedom found in letting go of the past and picking up the future. That she would feel Your presence and Your love. That she would begin anew and have a fresh hope in her tomorrows. Lord, heal her and make her feel a renewed joy and a renewed energy to accomplish a dream she set aside. Let her dreams come alive again. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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