Just a girl in love with a Royal King…

​That’s me…just a normal girl, actually a kinda broken girl becoming whole through the power of an all mighty, all powerful, all knowing, all up in my business kind of God. I love Jesus. I love Jesus and sometimes it brings me to my knees. Sometimes it makes me grin from ear to ear and feel joy that is not of this world, and yet others it’s just a warm comfort to know He’s always with me.

 I love Jesus and He loves me. That is so powerful in a world where we are continually seeking love and acceptance from others. We are seeking approval from people who are human, so they are also flawed. If we are striving so hard to be loved by flawed humans just like ourselves, how much more amazing is it that a perfect God loves us already without any work, without any hustle, without any pretenses or feigned perfection.  We are already so loved, madly loved by the very Creator of the universe. The one who hung each star cares about me and loves me, so if that is true why does it matter who else loves me? The very One seated on highest throne designed me and loves me with an unfailing, everlasting, completely unconditional love. 

I mess up, I make mistakes, I fall down, I lose my temper, I feel loneliness, I feel pain just like everyone else, but in the midst of my failure, I find redemption, grace, love, and power.

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