A prayer when it’s hard to love…

​Father, please Lord draw near to me. Lord allow Your holy spirit to be woven through me so that we become one garment. Lord, weave Your spirit into my heart changing me day after day, molding and shaping me to reflect Your love. Help me to love others as you love them. Lord, guide me into love more and more as I reflect Your Holy Spirit that lives inside of me.

Please give me strength to love others like you love. To love people like you loved. To walk like You. To talk like You. To speak like You. To obey like You. To be gentle like You. To treat each person as if they are what’s most important in that moment. To honor You with my life. Every part of my life. My actions and my words to be aligned to the way the kingsom talks and walks. Lord, change me, mold me,  shape me, move me. Accelerate me. Make me like You so that I can carry out all You’ve assigned me to do. I need You. Every moment, every breath, I lift up to You.

Lord, help me to love even when it’s hard. Help me to love through the pain, the hurt, and the disappointment. Help me to love without expecting anything in return. Help me to be a source of love and a resource for others to experience Your love. Lord, I pray for opportunities to be Your hands and feet. Opportunities to extend tangible expressions of kingdom love here in the earth.  Lord, use me to love people in ways that they need it most. 

Lord, I continually pray for the healing of hurting women. Lord, heal emotional hurts. Lord, release healing over minds, hearts, and bodies. Lord, I pray that women who have never known Your presence, would feel You and begin to experience a new hope. That they would feel a renewal of their dreams, that hope for their future would rise up from deep inside of them, that they would clearly see a way out of a difficult situation that once seemed hopeless, and that they would feel empowered to make the changes they need to live a life of freedom from whatever is holding them back. Lord, I pray that anything heavy that they are carrying would be laid down and that they feel rest and peace as the weariness is lifted. Lord, I pray that the woman reading this right now takes a deep breath and feels hope again. That a warm sense of peace would wash over her as You become real in her life. Lord, please give rest to her and show her a new way to set her feet on solid ground. Lord, make something she’s been wrestling with become clear and peace a reality. Thank you Lord for drawing near to us in our weakness. I pray for strength and a renewed energy to face the next moment. Thank You Father, In Jesus name, Amen. 

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