Peace and Clarity 

For many years now my prayer has been the same prayer, peace and clarity. Lord, clarify my next step and give me peace to know I am walking where You want these feet to go. 

I will continue to pray that prayer. It’s simple, yet gives the Lord the power to work in my life. It says, Lord I am willing. Lord, tell me and then allow me to be at peace with any outcome. There is divine peace when you know you are walking where  you are supposed to go. One of my biggest fears is what happens when I walk where I was never intended to go. That strikes fear in my heart. Yet, the Lord is merciful and mighty, so even when I do that, He picks me up, brushes me off from the dirt from the side street I wandered onto, and lovingly places me back on the narrow path that leads to Him and His purposes for my life. He is ever- patient when I take a wrong turn, a long way around, or even when I just stop on the path, and refuse to take the next step on my journey because of fear. He breathes life into me, and gives me strength to keep traveling forward. I am so thankful to serve a good, good Father God who loves me, instructs me, corrects me, and lovingly keeps me moving forward not back. 

Today I am…..

Moving forward
Not backward
Starting anew

Continuing traditions
Leaving others behind
Making new ones

Embracing motherhood
Freely showering them with
Time, love, and affection

Free to travel in any direction
Children proudly in tow
Enjoying life with them

Embracing my Lord
Placing in His rightful place
Above all else

Embracing gratitude
For where I’ve been, what I’ve learned
Where I’m going next

Embracing change
Allowing new healthy patterns
Inviting new thoughts and perceptions

Embracing authenticity
Releasing perfection
Allowing grace, healing, and love to flow

Embracing my dreams
Planted in my heart by the Lord
Carried, tended, and birthed through struggle and determination
Worth every battle

Embracing my life
Love that the masks are gone
Vulnerability allows humility

Embracing my future
It’s not the original canvas
Yet, the colors are rich, textured, and I can feel warmth, acceptance, and joy

Embracing gratitude
Thankfulness for what is
Releasing comparison

Embracing my Faith
The Lord sustains
The Lord revives
The Lord creates
I will trust in His promises that He will do what He purposed in my life.

Same prayer

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