Keep going…there is light up ahead. 

Ever feel like giving up? Do you sometimes believe the only option  left is throwing in the towel, and running backwards to the safety of the dark? The temptation to give up is sometimes strongest right before breakthrough. Resist these moments with everything you have. Speak truth over yourself. You are not going backwards, you are only moving ahead. It doesn’t matter if you took a step backward yesterday, today the only option is forward. 

During a difficult season of my life, I remember waking up in the morning and literally getting up and out of bed felt monumental, yet I moved. I gathered up truth, I prayed for strength to just move. The Lord supplied strength every time for every task ahead that seemed too much for me. He supplied just enough strength for that moment, or for the battle of that day. 

Think about the hike up the mountain, right before the peak, the pain is unbearable. The trek has been long and the journey has been uphill against Rocky terrain. Just before you reach the top, you feel as if you’ll never be able to take another step, yet you do. You forge ahead and just as the desire to give up becomes strongest, you reach the top. The light, the view is incredible, and you can finally see clearly what you’ve been fighting for. Suddenly, the next part  of your  journey is clear. It’s beautiful, and its all laid out in the sight ahead and below. You are renewed, you know now where your going. 

Today, if you are in a season where you are heading uphill and all you  see is the mountainous terrain ahead, I hope to inspire you to keep going. Take small steps, but don’t stop and don’t dare go backwards. When it feels like you can’t move, take a deep breath, and cry out to the Lord for strength to just take the very next step. 

You will reach the top of your mountain and your joy will be great!!!! You are moving forward. Your God purposed destiny awaits! 

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