When worry comes…

Seek Him.

Pray aloud the heartache you are facing.
Tell the Lord. Cry It out loud to Him.
Tell Him all about your day. Tell Him the pain you are facing, what hurt you, what scares you, what big decisions you are facing.
Pour your heart out to Him. Many of us may not have grown up with a personal view of God. The idea that He is right there wanting to hear everything on our minds and hearts may be new to you.
He loves you, He desires to hear from you. He wants to hear it ALL, don’t worry He can handle it. Remember he is God. The very designer of the Universe. He can handle our mess, and He already knows about it anyway. But there is something intimate, something very personal about a daughter turning her father and crying out everything on her heart. Even if the father already knows, a tender spot is touched in the act of the outpouring of a heart. Our Heavenly Father draws near to us when we speak to Him. He listens. He comforts. He gives peace. Miraculous unexplainable peace, and then He guides. He gently guides. He lovingly gives directions. He heals hurts, and wraps us in His protection. It’s really an amazing awe inspiring thought that we have a Lord who is completely God of all, yet so close to us that we can literally call on Him and He is with us ready to listen, and give us the exact comfort, peace, healing, or provision that we need.

Many women may be able to easily relate to a God who is a loving Father because they have an earthly father who was their loving daddy, so this type of relationship with the Lord is natural or it may be more natural and easy to grasp the concept of a loving Father.

Each of us have different hurts and different battles, and one of my deep wounds was that I was rejected by my earthly father at a very young age. At the time, I was so young and little that I developed coping mechanisms that served me well for a long time. I was indifferent to the fact that I didn’t have a father. I told people that I didn’t care. And throughout my childhood, I believed that I really didn’t care, but as an adult I had to face this wound that I had buried so deep, so that I could finally heal.

Part of my healing was accepting the Lord as my Father. I have been a Christian since my earliest memories. I remember praying to Him for help as young as 5 years old. Yet, throughout my relationship with God, I didn’t look to Him as Father. I missed out on that as a child because I didn’t understand that role. I didn’t have any basis for understanding what a Father did or how a daddy cared for a daughter.

Having accepted the Lord as my Father released a huge weight off of my shoulders and gave me a place to run to for comfort and guidance just as one would flee to their earthly dad. There is a new song out that we sing in church often and it brings me to tears. “You’re a good, good Father.”
Here is the direct link to the song:

Good, Good, Father by Chris Tomlin

This is the type of relationship the Lord has prepared for us. A beautiful Fatherly relationship filled with mercy, grace, love, comfort, and lots of peace.

If you are filled with worry today. If your heart is heavier than you can bear. If you are in physical pain, or you are hurting emotionally, turn to your Father. Tell Him. A miracle will happen. I promise. He will come to you. He will provide a place of rest and comfort. Just tell Him what is on your heart, even if it’s painful.  Even if you have to scream it to Him , or whisper it to Him , or write it to Him. Trust me He hears you. And He will answer.

This is the memory verse I have posted for my kids this week, but I have already turned to it several times this week to comfort my own soul. 

Here is the full verse:

Dear Lord,

I pray for the woman reading this. Lord, speak into her identity. Show her that she is beautiful, loved, and a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Show her who she is in Christ and give her courage to come to you as a daughter comes to a good, good Father. Show her what that means just like you are showing me. 

In Jesus’ Holy name, Amen.

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