Where does our strength come from?

I am strongest on my knees in total submission to the Lord. When I try to stand on my feet, I only have my own strength to hold me up. When I submit my life, my will, my everything over to the Lord, I trade my strength for His. The very one who holds the Universe is my strength. That’s enough for anything I am facing today or in my future days to come. 

When we feel weakest, sometimes its because we are trying to carry burdens that were never ours to bear. The simple act of crying out, “Lord, take this. Its too heavy” can change everything. Peace comes, solutions appear, healing takes place. Everything changes when we call upon the Lord. Everything.

I have cried out in desperation to the Lord time and time again throughout my lifetime and He has NEVER left me. Never, ever has He not answered. He may give a different answer or a different solution than I planned, but His ways are higher than our ways. His thoughts higher than our thoughts. He knows our past, present, and our future. He wants the very best for our lives and the lives of our future generations. Sometimes I am so fixated on the problems of today that I forget that the Lord is not just carrying out His plans in my life, but that He will be faithful to my children and my childrens’ children, and every generation after them, so His solutions are for generations and therefore may look differently than I had planned.

During my divorce, I would cry out “Lord, how can this possibly turn out with any glory on it?” I would confess my failures over and over again and beg the Lord to pick up my broken pieces. I would fall asleep crying and wake up still crying. I would awake in the darkness of the morning and feel dread wash over me because it wasn’t a dream. I was really divorcing my husband, and I was really living alone for the first time in my life and I was still responsible to many many people to show up and keep living life even when the pain was crushing.

And I did. I kept getting out of bed. I kept showing up and living my life. I did it day by day, sometimes hour by hour all by the grace of the Lord. He held me up on days when I know my own two feet weren’t strong enough to hold me.

The most beautiful things are born of ashes when the Lord is the creator. He was faithful to me then, and He is faithful to me now.

 On my darkest of nights and my dreariest of mornings, the source of the pain was always the same worry: what about my children? I would be filled with worry and guilt over the impact my decision may have on their lives and the lives of future generations after them. Another constant worry was…. Would this affect their relationship with Jesus? 

And I may not have heard my answer immediately, but the Lord keeps reassuring me that He is my healer and He is my children’s healer and He is creating something beautiful. Something I couldn’t even have dreamed up if I tried!

Today walking out of church, my son told me, “Mom, God visited me today. I realized just how special my life is. I was singing in church, and I just had this feeling that God was with me and I just began to pray. And mom, it’s happened before too. God loves me.”

I stopped, took a deep breath, and exhaled with relief… yes, God is telling me that my children are and will be okay. More than okay, He is speaking love directly into them!

My beautiful 10 year old boy is beginning to get a taste of the goodness of the Lord when he worships in children’s church! He is being filled with a heavenly love that cannot come from anything here on earth. We were designed to be in relationship with our Creator and when He pours His love into us, it’s something that is unexplainable, but my little boy was trying his best to explain what he felt when God spoke to him today.

God is good. He is in the redemption business. He is willing and waiting to meet each of us personally and touch our deepest wounds, our deepest fears, and our darkest moments. He will guide us out of the valley lows up to the mountaintops.  Sometimes, He takes us by hand, sometimes He helps us back up after we’ve fallen, and sometimes He even picks us up and carries us awhile. But He is always ALWAYS with us.

Dear Lord,

Thank You for being right there always. Thank You for being faithful to us even when we are not. Thank You for being our strength when we are at our weakest moments. Lord, I pray for the woman reading this prayer. Lord, cover her with Your peace. Pick up her burdens and  give her courage to hand them over to you. Give her peace to know that You are going to be faithful to her and her destiny can be fulfilled in ways she never thought possible before she met You. Lord, show her how beautiful she is and that her destiny awaits her. Give her strength and courage to move forward another day. Show her a glimpse of her future, so that her hope is renewed. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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