Accept the gift 

Of Today. 

I have heard in many different pearls of wisdom that living in just the present moment can bring much happiness and peace…

Yet, it is such a challenge… To. Just. Cherish. Today.

Today’s sunrise
Today’s cup of hot coffee
Today’s steamy shower
Today’s good morning kiss

Today is an opportunity to dress kids
To play candyland
To swim or ride a bike
To savor folding a warm load of laundry
To watch an entire movie with my favorite little people

Today is a new chance to smile at my son’s silly jokes
To watch his favorite YouTuber and laugh even though I don’t get it
To hug him and tell him I love who he is becoming
To marvel at how fast he is growing into a young man

Today is a good day to enjoy

Its a day that won’t return

Today is a day all its own, And it’s the only one just like it that I’ll get

Today, I choose to live in the moment
Every sweet moment
Every curveball thrown my way
Every struggle, and every joy

Today I will live in this very day and I will choose to neither look backward nor forward…. My eyes are too busy with the here and now.         

Vanessa Lynn

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