Your future is worth fighting for…

Your future is worth the fight.
Don’t give in, don’t throw in the towel.

We are each destined and placed on this Earth on purpose for a purpose.

Yet, life can be messy and things come up that we never saw coming.

Some call them curveballs, others call them trials, yet their destructive force is with the same intent: to derail us from our pathway to our God given future.

We have to rise each day with the belief that the best is yet to come, while also enjoying the very gift that the present gives.

If you’ve been hurt, or betrayed, or disappointed. If you’ve been knocked down, or pushed aside. If you’ve been blindsided, or painfully dismissed. Then, you may know the pain that comes from thinking it’s too late. The pain of feeling the sun will never shine bright again like it once did. 

You may have to fight for the future in store for you. The kind of fighting that produces the best results doesn’t look at all like what the world would call fighting. In fact, it’s more of a posture of standing tall in spite of all that has knocked you down. It looks like getting back to up when all you want to do is lay in the mud. It looks like taking the next step. It looks like calling out to God for His best plans over your life. It looks like being ready to do whatever it takes to reclaim your destiny. And it often happens one baby step at a time. If we choose to look ahead instead of backward, we can begin to find hope. And a flicker of hope can become the flame of a life full of promise and purpose.

We have to throw off old ways of thinking, peel off lies that tell us we can’t, or that we aren’t enough. We need to scrub off from head to toe the what ifs, and just begin to believe in the beauty of the future.
The future doesn’t have to look one bit like the past. It can be the most amazing canvas you’ve ever laid eyes on.


Father, open the eyes of the woman reading this post. Show her a beautiful glimpse into all you have in store for her. Remind her of her hopes and dreams. Show her that she can design the life she’s always dreamed of. Help her to achieve every plan you have for her in the earth. Move mountains on her behalf, and equip her for the battlefield. Prepare her to reclaim her destiny and open up new opportunities for her. Give her hope, wisdom, and strength to pick up all you have in store for her.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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