Two great people…

Not great together. 
I was scrolling Facebook this evening and there right in front of me was my old Facebook account. It was reactivated and wide open. My heart skipped a few beats. I didn’t reactivate it. In fact, I haven’t looked through it in over 3 years. I just haven’t felt prepared to relive some of those memories. I deactivated it during a season of deep sorrow and when I came out of that dark season, it just felt easier to open a new account. 

Sometimes social media can be salt on an already open wound. I am sure most people have a social media scar or two themselves…

So, tonight I faced my fears and looked through my old account. I mean there it was already open…I guess it was now or never.

Guess what I found? Not the heartache I was expecting. I found memory after sweet memory of my children growing up. I saw Ayden losing his first tooth. I saw Addy absolutely glowing in her Dorothy costume. I saw milestones, graduations, anniversaries, and many many beautiful posts. There was nothing hurtful there.  I can look at those old pictures now and with complete confidence say, “Wow, those are two great people, who just aren’t great together.”  There was alot of love shared, and there is still love there. How can I not love a man who gave me two precious precious children and over a decade of memories?

Yet, I can now see so clearly how contrasting our life dreams are. We are more than just  different. We deeply desired two different worlds. We both have a purpose in this earth, and for a part of our lifetime, our purpose was together. I am thankful for my marriage because it brought beauty to the earth in the birth of our children and in the many beautiful friends we made together during our journey.

We are just two great people, who are not great together. The world needs us in different places now, living out different purposes. I accept all that the universe has for me. I am prepared for where God is taking me. I believe in second chances and new beginnings.

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