A Father who stepped up when mine stepped down…

There’s little I know about my earthly father, yet my Heavenly Father has written an entire book so that I might
know Him intimately. His thoughts, His plans, and His character are all available to me through His Word.

My earthly father failed to provide, My Heavenly Father has filled my table again and again and again.

I grew up without the guidance of an earthly father, but time and time again I could feel my Heavenly Father leading the way for me.

School events, holidays, graduations, the birth and adoption of my children were all celebrated without an earthly father, however my Heavenly Father was not only there but He was dancing over me with joy.

My earthly father hurt my mother, yet my Heavenly Father loved her abundantly and beautifully. He poured into her everything she needed so that she could care for me.

My earthly father packed up all my belongings when I was 6 years old and in a very nasty fit of anger kicked me out of our home, my Heavenly Father showed up in the arms of my grandma.

I watched with innocent eyes as my earthly father tried to take my mother’s life. I listened as he told me she deserved this pain. He invited me to join in his mocking of my beloved mother. Instead, I cried out to the One who I knew had the power to save. My Father. And He did. He saved my mother right then and there when I prayed for a miracle. My Heavenly Father answers His children every time we call.

My earthly father spewed words of hate, while my Heavenly Father speaks words of love and life.

My father in the earth hurt me, hurt those I loved, and left a wake of pain.

In the midst of all of the struggle and trials, I had a Father holding me, protecting me, shielding me, affirming me, reaffirming me, and absolutely covering me in love. He healed what hurt. He turned the violence that I endured into a place in my heart filled with empathy for others. You see God never wastes our tears. Through my pain, I have learned that everyone I meet has a story. And above all, I have experienced a real Father. A daddy who is in love with me completely. He adores me and celebrates my every accomplishment and stands in the struggles right alongside of me. I can so clearly see that He has been there through it all. And the best part?! He’s the Designer, Creator and the King of the universe! My Father is the King and that means that I am a royal princess… Who could ask for more?

Today, I am in awe of my Father. He is an abundant Father who has so beautifully cared for me every day of my life in every season.

Father, I ask you to reveal Yourself as daddy to the woman reading this. She may have never experienced that part of You. I pray that she can feel Your love in a fresh new way. That she is able to see herself as a beautiful daughter of the King. That she walks with a new confidence knowing You’ve got her back. When your daddy is a King and the Lord of the Universe, the whole world looks different. Things that used to be out of reach are attainable. Things that used to hold us back can no longer contain us. Lord, I pray for a holy strengthening for my dear friends. That whatever needs they have are met. That their fears are falling and they are finding new courage. That as women find refuge in You as Abba Father, they are able to straighten their crown and walk worthy of the future You’ve planned for them. A beautiful future filled with joy, freedom, and peace.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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