Resurrection Power

20180401_091132 Happy Easter!

Jesus came so that we could be saved. He came so that we would have life. He conquered sin and death. He redeemed all that was lost, and saved His creation. He has written and carried out a most beautiful love story for all of mankind. When you call on Him to save you, He will answer. He will meet you exactly where you are, and in your weakness He will make you strong. Put your trust in Him, and you will be amazed by what He will do in your life…. This picture is a testimony to what our Living Savior can do!

We have been brought together through tears, but turned into a family by God. This is my family formed and ordained by God. Here is my boys’ birth mommy. A woman I met during a time of deep sorrow in her life, and a dark, scary time in my life too. I was newly single and learning a new normal myself. I was healing from emotional trauma, and attending a new church. At my new church I was learning about the fullness of the Holy Spirit available to me through Christ. I was attending Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. I was learning about His love, His grace, His forgiveness, AND His redemptive power. That despite being in my darkest valley, He was writing my story and it was so far from over. I was in worship one Sunday and clearly heard the Holy Spirit put foster care on my heart. I literally laughed out loud and thought, “How?” I am a single mom living in a 2 bedroom apartment with two young children. God pressed in and replied, “Your God given destiny and purpose are still yours. Even though your marriage has ended, your dreams don’t have to.” I made the call to Children’s Network that week, and within 6 months I was licensed and waiting for the phone to ring with a child in need of a loving home.

Since God is a God of lavish abundance, I got the call for not one baby, but two. Twin one year old boys. And the most beautiful journey began. I knew right away that I was completely in love. It happened instantaneously. It was just like after you deliver a baby and suddenly you can’t imagine what life was before them. I felt the same way about the boys. What I was completely unprepared for was the next blessing God had planned for me. Falling in love with their mother.

The first time we really got to talk was at their immunization appointment. We planned it to coincide with her regularly scheduled visit with them. Then we were planning to meet up at the office and get their shots together. Suddenly, there we were in the doctor’s office making small talk each with a baby on our lap. This was the first of many visits together, caring for the boys, and getting to know each other. Then, another amazing turn, she started attending church with us. Now we were side by side each Sunday with a boy in each of our arms. Her story is filled with pain, and so is mine. She would share a little with me. I would share a little with her. Each of us guarding our stories, but trusting eachother more and more as the time passed. A year passed, and the boys turned two. We were both there at Chuckee Cheese side by side again, a boy in front of each of us blowing out candles. Two boys, two mommies, endless love.

I will write this whole story down eventually moment by moment, but for today I want to share that God has miraculously redeemed both Morgan and I. He has set both of our feet back on solid ground and resurrected our dreams.

Today on Easter, resurrection Sunday, I stand next to a healthy, beautiful new mommy of a precious 2 week old son. She has an amazing partner by her side, and a brand new life filled with beauty and joy. She is one of my best friends and she is also part of my family formed and ordained by the Grace of God. Her twin boys are also my twin boys. We will forever be bonded by the love we have for them and now for eachother too. Today, I marvel at God’s resurrection from the grave and at God’s resurrection power alive and at work in our lives. This is my family formed and ordained by God.

Dear Lord,

I pray that every person who reads this is reminded that You have a plan and a unique destiny for each of us. That they would feel hope rising up inside of them that You are working everything out for their good. That from the darkest of valleys, Your redemption power is just a prayer away. Lord, I pray for the person reading this to be filled with courage to accept the blessings You have prepared for them. To open their heart for total healing, and to begin to hold their head up a little higher as they walk in God given destiny toward a future brighter than ever imagined. Lord, You are a good Father ready to heal and restore. I praise You for that. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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