I am an overcomer and a conqueror in Christ.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. It’s a new week. Each day brings you closer to breakthrough. It’s in the small choices and little victories that great battles are won. Days are completed simply by the initial choice to rise in the morning. So in whatever battle you are facing, rise up this morning and imagine that you are scaling a mountain. It can’t be accomplished in one step, or two, or three, but with each faithful climb. With each time you grab ahould of the next rock up ahead and you dig your feet into the ground, and take one more step, you are closer to your mountain top. Closer to accomplishing your victory. This week, I am going to stand with you all in prayer that your miracles are close. That you are each being strengthened to keep taking the next step. That you begin to see yourself as an overcomer and a conquerer. That when you are in the midst of the climb, and the sweat is in your eyes, you will wipe your brow and take another step. That you will not look back or down, but only ahead. Only ahead and one step at a time. Whatever your battle is, you are going to be victorious. Lean into Christ, tell Him. Invite Him into the battlefield. Let Him work on your behalf today. Take a breath, and arise to this beautiful Monday ready to conquer it step by step. You Gorgeous Girl are going to scale mountains today. You are overcoming and conquering as you arise each morning to a new day. The day is before you, and you will conquer and overcome with each step you take today.

Dear Lord,

I pray that the women who read this today feel empowered and strengthened to keep moving in the direction of their dreams. To keep battling for their mountaintop. Lord, meet these women in the battlefield. Prepare them, wipe their brow, strengthen them, and stay with them battling alongside of them. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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