I am courageous as I wait patiently for my breakthrough…

Good Morning Gorgeous,

Today is a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to get right today what you may have missed yesterday. Today’s affirmation. I am courageous as I wait for my breakthrough to come. To wait is bravery. Its strength. Its powerful to stand strong day after day as you contend in prayer and battle in the earth for your miracle, your breakthrough, your healing, your battle to end, your provision to come. Waiting is hard. Waiting takes great faith. Waiting is hardly ever our choice and almost always something we have to endure to get to our mountaintop. There are seasons to battle, seasons to rest, and there are seasons to simply wait. And that is so brave. Yesterday’s verse of the day is what made me begin to think of the bravery in waiting. It was:

Wait patiently for the Lord .

Be brave and courageous.

Yes, wait patiently for the Lord .

Psalms 27:14 NLT

When we think of waiting patiently, we generally don’t think of the words Brave and Courageous. I think that those words Brave and Courageous belong to me when I am in action. When I am up and working toward my breakthrough. When I am actively moving forward and bravely battling for something, that’s courage. But maybe courage can also look like standing tall and waiting and believing in our breakthrough even when everything around us says to give up. Courage can be holding on to the belief that just because it hasn’t happened YET, doesn’t mean it won’t. Trusting and declaring that the way things have always been isn’t the way they will always be in the future. That healing can come, dreams can be fulfilled, mountains DO move, and miracles still exist. It takes great courage to stand in faith for a miracle when everything around you says it’s not coming. Today, I encourage you to keep speaking your needs to the Father. Keep declaring that your mountain will be moved. Stand strong and courageous and boldy hold onto the dreams that are on your heart. Ask for wisdom to know when to battle, when to rest, and when to wait with courage. As you are waiting, the Lord will provide for your physical and spiritual needs. He will equip you for battle BUT he will also equip you during times when the answer is, “Just wait my child.” These waiting periods for those of us that are fixers and doers are extremely hard. Sometimes even harder than when we are actively going after something. Waiting takes more effort and extreme courage because faith is involved. Faith that you are not alone. Faith that God is for you and working things out even when you cannot see it yet. Today gorgeous girl, be courageous and wait bravely. Your miracle is coming. Healing and help is on the way.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for strengthened resolve to stand tall in the places you have called us to wait on You. Lord, help us to be courageous and brave enough to wait and trust that the mountain will move, that what we see today is not the way it will stay. That You are a miracle working, ever present, loving God who hears us when we call.

In Jesus’ Name Amen

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