You are free.

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. You are free this morning. Free to move. Free to stay put. Free to dance and sing. Free to be still. Free to decide when to speak and when to remain quiet. Free to choose which dreams you pursue and chase after and which dreams to release. Free to be kind even when it’s hard. Free to move ahead and free to look upward and onward. You are free. Yet, often times we don’t FEEL free. We feel stuck without choices. We feel surrounded on all sides. We feel like we are moving where the world is taking us, without our input. Today, if you are feeling stuck or fearful or surrounded on all sides, remember you always have choices. Some may be hard. Some may just be to choose from which perspective you will view your current situation. Sometimes when we feel stuck and surrounded on all sides, it’s a false reality and the answer to our freedom is right in front of us. Sometimes we are completely victorious and free, but we haven’t walked free yet. Its a brand new beautiful day to walk in freedom knowing you get to choose where your feet walk today. You get to choose when to slow down and when to speed up. You get to choose what to run past and not engage in and you get to choose when to stop and savor the moment. You have so much freedom today, use it to create an amazing day.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I pray for clarity and renewed perspective for each woman who reads this. I pray that she is able to see the areas that she is free. That instead of feeling stuck in those spaces whatever they are for each of us, she sees new solutions, new possibilities, new creative answers. I pray that she has a new revelation that she is not really stuck where she thought she was, but that she is free. Free from fear, free from anxiety, free from performance, free from every heavy weight. Free, completely free to move in the earth where You’ve called her. Help her to see areas that she is free, yet she still feels captive. In Jesus name, Amen.

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