A great day to start your freedom walk!

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. It’s a great day to walk in freedom. As I think about our group and pray for what to write about next and what direction to head, the word freedom keeps returning. Honestly, it scares me to write about freedom because it’s so multifaceted. There are so many parts and pieces to walking in complete freedom, but even as I type those words, I am feeling convicted in my heart. The enemy wants us to believe that freedom is difficult. That freedom is hard to achieve, but that is false. Freedom is actually achieved one way. Calling on the name of Jesus. He is the pathway to life and freedom. It’s not hard or difficult at all as we have falsely believed. What IS hard is walking out our freedom AFTER we have been set free. The hard part is our reaction to freedom after our chains are broken. I created this group because I wanted to have a place for women to be encouraged because at times life is hard. A few years ago, I walked through the hardest season of my life. It was dark, terrifying, and filled with spiritual and earthly battles. I felt surrounded on all sides. Each day that I put my feet on the ground was a victory. Every day I rose, showered, and showed up was another victory. It was a HARD season. Yet, I survived. The season changed. I changed. I walked out free. I desire so greatly to allow Jesus to shine His light through my pain and bring other women to total victory over their mountains. We HAVE weapons. Life can be so hard. But we have tools that we can use to mine the precious gemstones out of the mud and muck. I am going to attempt to write about freedom in the coming days. You Gorgeous Girl are deserving of complete and total freedom from anything holding you back from your God given destiny. Freedom from every lie small or big that is attacking you. Freedom from every chain. Freedom from anything that is keeping you stuck. Then after you are freed, you have to WALK free. Sometimes our chains fall, but we don’t move. We are so used to be captive to that thing, we don’t know what to do when we are set free. So we stay put in the very places or things we’ve been released from. Or we run back every chance we get to spend some time in our old chains. See, this freedom thing has sooo many parts. For those of you who feel a pull towards freedom in any area, begin to ask God to work in you and around you to set you free. And in the coming days, we will talk freedom. I pray that each of you is strengthened as we walk out our God given freedom.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that Your gentle, loving Hands would be upon the women who read this. I pray that You would help them to recognize any area that they desire a new level of freedom. I pray that You would fill each of them with strength and courage to persevere to total freedom from anything holding them back from where they desire to be.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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