“Lord, cover me.”

Good Morning Gorgeous,
Its brand new day. A fresh start. God always has a redemption plan. He will not leave you alone. He will never leave you, never forsake you. He is our ever ready help. We saw that truth yesterday when Jesus immediately reached down and pulled Peter up out of the water. Time and time again throughout the bible, God is saving His people. God is working around their mistakes and their mess and turning their mistakes into destiny. He is able to use you for heavenly assignments and purpose despite your mistakes, despite your pain, despite your old or current circumstances. He has a redemption plan, and He will pull you out of the waters. I am becoming more and more and more amazed by the character of God. He is even concerned with the details of your life. He cares about your emotions and He cares about the things that make you feel hurt, sad, or even shameful. I am in awe of how he concerns Himself with caring for His children even when they mess up.

In the beginning when Adam and Eve first sinned against God, they felt deep shame and they hid because of their fear and for the first time, they noticed their nakedness. They felt shame and they wanted a covering for their shame. They tried to remedy this for themselves by making clothing from fig leaves. Our God who sees all, knew right away what happened. Even in their need for discipline and consequence, God did not shame them or make them stay naked. He provided protection for them by making them clothes from animal skins. God cared about healing the shame. He provided a covering for his people. He didn’t leave them naked as part of their punishment.

He doesn’t shame them and he won’t shame you. He isn’t that kind of father. In fact, he will do the opposite of shame you. He will affirm you and provide a covering for your exposed, vulnerable parts. He sees everything already, but He wants your side of the story. Just as He already knew about the sin of Adam and Eve, He still invited them to tell Him what happened so that there could be discipline, covering, and eventually full redemption. God is working out all things for the good of those who love them. That means no tear is wasted. Every hurt can serve a greater purpose. And as God redeems you, He will also protect and cover you. If there is something that makes you feel shameful, fearful, or exposed, bring it to God and allow Him to make you a covering so that you can walk boldly into your purpose.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for your mercy and kindness as we navigate this life. Lord, heal our shame and provide covering for the things that make us feel exposed and ashamed. Give us boldness to walk free from shame and into new destiny.

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