“Lord, save me!”

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. Thank goodness for new days and new chances to get right what we may have messed up yesterday. The Lord’s strength carried me through yesterday. It was an amazing day after all, but definitely one of those days where He was leading the way and He was working all things out on my behalf. He was reminding me that He is ultimately in control of the wind and the waves, and He has empowered me to put them under my feet and walk right on top of the storm.

This morning I continued to read the story of Peter as Jesus invited him to , “Come.” and walk on stormy waves.

Peter was able to do it as long as his eyes were steadfast on Jesus. When he saw the wind and the waves, he became terrified and began to sink. He took his eyes of off his heavenly ability and the equipping he was receiving from Jesus to do the impossible, and instead, he looked around at the natural, earthly troubles. He got scared, and he began to sink.

The beauty here for us today is the next part of the story. He called out to Jesus. “Lord, save me.” And Jesus IMMEDIATELY pulled him up and into the boat. I love that the bible includes the word immediately. Jesus was right there in Peter’s time of need. Even in Peter’s weakness. Even in his doubt. Even when he momentarily took his eyes off of the Lord, Jesus was there immediately in his time of need. Jesus pulled him right up and out of his circumstance and Jesus quieted the wind and the waves. He asked Peter, “Why did you doubt me?” This tells me that he began to sink when he doubted the power that Jesus had given him to walk on top of the wind and the waves. Jesus didn’t remove the wind and the waves at first, rather He empowered Peter to rise above them with faith. When he trusted Jesus, he was able to do the impossible, and when Peter doubted, he fell. BUT even in Peter’s weakness, Jesus pulled him right up and out. He saved him mercifully and with love.

Gorgeous girl, today you can step out of the safety of the boat knowing that you are well equipped to deal with every single rocky wave and stormy wind in your path. You have the power to walk on top of the things keeping you in the boat. You can step out of the boat with complete and total confidence because even if you fall, Jesus has shown us that He will be right there to save you immediately. We can bravely step out knowing that not only do we have everything we need to walk empowered, but if our human weakness shows up, Jesus has a plan for that too. We serve an all powerful God who is also kind, loving, merciful, and an ever present help in our time of need. Step out today, a miracle will unfold when you trust God to equip you for the impossible.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I pray for a boldness of faith to step out of the safety of our boats. Lord, help us to get out of the boat and into the water with you. Help us to have the faith it takes to walk on top of the water with our eyes steadfast on You. Lord, strengthen our minds to stay fixed on You and not the troubles of our day. Lord, help us to walk as empowered women living with the Holy Spirit inside of us equipping us for our daily interactions..Lord, let faith and boldness rise up and out of us today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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