His love endures forever.

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. Let’s dig a little deeper into, “His love endures forever” I discovered that it is written over 40 times in the bible. The number varies slightly depending on which version of the bible you read. But 40 is alot, and 26 of them are found in Psalm 136. Psalm 136 recounts the deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt, and God is reminding them that through it all, His faithful love endured forever. That in creation, He loved them forever. That in their deliverance, He loved them forever. That as He provides, He loves them forever. He performs miracles, to show He loves them forever. He has a plan for them because He loves them forever. As the bible unfolds, His promises are made available to all people through Jesus. Jesus came to earth to walk with us in the constraints of a human body, to become a sacrifice to atone for our sins, so that God’s promises would stretch from beyond His original people the Israelites and onto all people who believed by faith. Now because Jesus paved a way, anyone who believes is justified by their faith and grace is poured into them. All of the promises of the Lord written in Both the Old Testament and the New Testament become our holy inheritance. We become set apart, holy, and covered in the promises of God. Even though God wrote the Old Testament for the Jewish people whom He loves dearly, He has also planned and destined you since the beginning of time. He was dreaming about you, planning you, thinking about you and your future. He made a way for all to receive His promises and the promise we are focusing on today is HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER.

The dictionary defines forever as…. for all future time, for always, AND as continually.

Based on that definition, God has a very special love for us. One that will be for always. Now, AND for all of your future days. And continually, which means no pauses or breaks in Him loving you.

So that means to us:
On our best days, God loves continually.
On our worst days, God loves continually.
When you are messing up big time, God loves continually.
When you lose your temper, God loves continually.
When you are sad and feeling low, God loves continually.
When you are depressed, God loves continually.
When you feel alone, God loves continually.
When you feel let down, disappointed, and you question God, He loves continually.
When you doubt if He’s really there for you, God loves continually.
When you stray for a while and ignore Him, God loves continually.
When you go your own way and make your own life choices apart from His counsel, God loves continually.
When you call out to Him in desperation, God loves continually.
When you return to Him, God loves continually.
When bad things happen, God loves continually.

The list could go on and on, His love endures forever. It will never end..it will never cease. It is not dependent on you or your actions. You can’t lose God’s love. You can’t mess up so bad that His love will ever stop. It is always there. Forever. From now and into all of eternity.

Gorgeous girl, that is LOVE! It’s not wishy washy. Here today, gone at the first sign of distress. God’s love is set apart from any human love. The closest thing for our brain to attempt at fathoming it would be the love you have for your children. No matter what they do, you still love them
Yet even our love for our own children is just a glimpse into the Love our Creator, our Lord, has for us. He IS love. So any love we are capable of giving is because He first loved us. And even human parental love fails sometimes. There are children who don’t experience a parent’s love because their parents were not able to give it. However, God’s love NEVER fails. It endures forever. Again, just meditate on these words..Forever, continually, always, never ceasing. That’s how long God’s love for you will endure.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I pray that we are able to draw closer to You and begin to believe this awesome truth. That You promise to love us forever.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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