Possessing the Land that God has prepared for you in 2019

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. The sun broke through the dark of night once again. It has a way of doing that everyday, and each morning the miracle of a fresh dawn is not lost on me. Each new dawn, I am thankful for the reminder that the light always triumphs over the dark. Again and again and again.

This Sunday at church, our pastor’s wife shared a message for 2019 that I have been digesting for a couple of days. She shared that as we enter this new year, she felt that God was impressing the word, “Possessing” into her spirit. What will you go into 2019 and take possession of? This was her question to the congregation on Sunday. I have been grappling with it ever since. There are things that the Lord has ALREADY prepared for you Gorgeous girl. Things that are for you alone, things that are for your family, or even things that are for your generational line. Things that you have the right to lay claim to, things that belong to you. But, you have to go into the space that He has prepared to claim the land that He has already given to you. You have to open your hands and your heart to Him and take possession of what already belongs to you.

Generational promises get me teary eyed every time because I come from a long line of generational dysfunction. My family history is messy and painful and in all seriousness, it is worse than Lifetime televison drama.

Yet, in God’s grace, He pulled me out of the muck and the mire and set me on solid ground. He has promised me that my children will never experience the pains of the generations before them. There are certain things that stopped with me and they will NOT be carried forward only by God’s grace, and His loving mercy. So when I zoom out and I look beyond my lifetime, and I realize that His goodness extends beyond what I can see with my eyes, I struggle to find adequate words for my gratefulness to Him.

That is what possession looks like.

Deciding what goes forward and what stops here. What cannot continue in your life. And what has to begin to happen as you possess what belongs to you. As you reach out and accept what God has for you, you may need to let something go that you’ve been clutching tightly in your palms. Something that you’ve been holding onto so tightly that your knuckles are white, and your palms are continually sweaty. As you open your hand and let it slip right through your fingers, God has something so much better for you.

For each of us, whatever the things are that God has prepared for us may be different and what He is asking you to release will also look different. The only way to know is to ask Him. To pray for Him to gently reveal to you what He wants to give you and what He is asking you to bravely and boldly let go of as you travel into your promised land.

Gorgeous girl, you are so loved. You are the apple of your Father’s eye. He looks at you and He sees your struggles. He is ready to make a most beautiful exchange with you. Sometimes the most bold prayer we can pray is, “I want to hear what you are saying to me, and I am ready to obey at all costs.” That is a scary prayer. But God will never ever harm you. He will never ask you to give up something unless He has something better for you. I am currently reading Exodus and the people are crying out to God about their slavery. They are groaning out to Him, and He has heard their prayers. He is getting ready to act. The Israelites don’t know it yet, but He is going to ask them to give up everything that they know. He is going to move them out of slavery and into freedom. They will leave their slave masters and be delivered into a fertile land flowing with milk and honey. Their identity will change from being slaves to being free. Everything will change. Yet, to recieve they will have to obey instructions as they are given. To recieve God’s blessings, we have to be prepared to let go of what is hurting us even if what is hurting us is all that we know so far.

God had something far better for the Israelites, and today in 2019 He has something far better in store for you. Ask and you will recieve. Pray for insight, revelation, instruction, and God’s plans to prevail over your life, and then buckle your seatbelt because He will deliver you to your promised land.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Help us to boldly pray for Your revelation and instructions for us. Help us to have open ears and eyes that can hear and see what You are saying and obedient feet to go where You are calling us to. Lord, gently instruct us. Gently open our hands and help us to bravely release anything that is hurting us. Strengthen our hands to pick up the blessing you have prepared for each of us! Lord, I pray for each of the women who read this today. That she would be strengthened, filled to overflowing, and boldly moving ahead toward her God given promised land. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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    1. Thank you for sharing that this blessed you! This site is for everyone. I do write to women, but the promises of God are the same! I checked out your blog, and followed as well! 🙂 So neat to share the Lord with a friend across the globe!

  1. We are gathering.

    Even though we may never meet . We know each other . .

    I follow myself everywhere. GOD BLESS THIS SEED.
    DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER , I am here.. Lord I am here…

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