High Expectations for 2019

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. The first new dawn of a new year. You may feel different or you may have risen out of bed this morning feeling exactly the same. You may be feeling excited over the prospect of embracing a fresh start and a new year or you may be feeling unsure that the new year will be much different than last year. What if we looked out at the world today and began to expect that things were shifting in our favor? What if when we prayed this morning, we expected that the Lord of the Universe was listening? What if we began to live with expectation that this would be the year when everything shifted? Expectation that breakthrough can really happen. Expectation that things can change, do change, and will change. Expectation that wherever we are in our relationship with Jesus, He has even more in store for you. Expectation that there is even more blessing, more revelation, more abundance, more healing, more rest, more direction, more provision, more calling, more assignment and more equipping for the assignment.

Gorgeous girl, you were destined for greatness since the foundation of the earth. The Lord planned you, fashioned you, and formed you for such a time as this. He has great plans for you. Set your eyes ahead and be bold and daring enough to believe His promises are for you. That He wants to prosper you and your family. He wants the very best for you. And His plans are greater than anything we can dream up or design on our own apart from Him.

Let’s start this first day of 2019 with expectation that the Lord will move, shift, and align us to Him this year. That this year can look different than all the rest. That this can be the year that we grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus than it’s ever been before. And from that place of close relationship with Him, things around us will most certainly begin to shift and move..When we grow in Jesus, everything changes in the most glorious of ways.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Strengthen us for the growth we are going to experience in 2019. Help us to begin to look to You in expectation that Your promises are true for us and that You will provide on our behalf. Shift our eyes from hopelessness to a fresh new expectation that You are a merciful God who hears us, sees us, and is working all things out for those who love You.
In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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