Our Week in Review

Here is the week in review written as I am statements or Positive Affirmations.

I am statements are an important part of building and maintaining a healthy belief system. If our foundation is built on truth, then whenever something happens to us that is hurtful or hard, we have a core belief system founded on truth that combats any lie that comes against us. The lies that others tell us or even the lies we whisper to ourselves can be destructive if we believe them as truth.

And in the valley lows, the lies sometimes feel like truth. All of the “I am not cut out for this. I can’t do this. Who am I to really think God has a plan for me?”

All of those lies and mountains more of them can and do surface whenever disappointment, hurt, or mistakes come our way. We won’t escape this life without our fair share of dark valleys, yet we can have a toolbox full of truth founded on God’s word that will fight the dark lies.

I write more about the importance of Affirmations and how to integrate them into your daily routine here:Affirmations: Do they Really Matter?

Each Saturday, I will post the weekly blog posts in review written as Affirmations that you can speak over yourself. Your words are extremely powerful and have the power to build you up and create life or they have the power to destroy and cause death.

Use your words to create love and life! Speak these phrases over yourself until they are woven into your belief system and you won’t be shaken.

Monday’s Post:

Tuesday’s Post:

Wednesday’s Post:

Thursday’s Post:

Hope you enjoyed our week in review! Praying a blessed weekend over all of you! If this blog blesses you, please consider following or sharing it!

Vanessa Lynn


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