The Lord will fight for you..Just stay calm.

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new beginning yet again. Every single morning, His mercies are new. It’s a fresh dawn. The sun has risen, and new opportunities await you today.

Yesterday we read in Exodus that the Israelites marched out of Egypt with all of their men, women, children, livestock, belongings, and even the valuables and treasures given to them by the Egyptians. They were taking their freedom walk. They trusted God, they believed in His mercy and His guidance, and they followed Him right out of the Hands of their oppressors.

The very next day, the adrenaline has worn off. The people are beginning to let the reality of their life altering decision sink in, and fear begins to strike. Pharoah has had a change of heart. He doesn’t want to let his slave labor force free. He sends 600 chariots after them to capture them and return them back to their old yoke of slavery. The Israelites are afraid and they immediately blame Moses. This is the first of many times that they turn to their deliverer and cry out to return to their oppression. It’s only been one day. One day of day after their escape, and they are second guessing everything. They regretted ever leaving and they claim that they have been driven into the wilderness to die by the hands of the Egyptians.

Yet, they will most surely not die! God has brought them this far, He will carry them the rest of the way. This day is only the beginning of a very beautiful relationship between the Israelites and their Father God who loves them dearly, protects them fiercely, and provides for them daily.

The Israelites are no longer boldly and courageously marching away from Egypt. They are now fleeing for their lives. Moses tells them that the Lord will fight for them. They need only to stay calm.

And the Lord does! He instructs Moses to lift us his hand and the Red Sea parts! The Israelites walk straight through on DRY ground. As they pass through, the Egyptians charge after. The water closes in on them. Every single Egyptian life is lost. Yet, the Israelites are spared and delivered safely to the other side.

Gorgeous girl, God is also carrying you forward today. He will not deliver you from something only to allow it to come back after you and consume you later. His deliverance is whole and complete. Yet, the Israelites had to obey, keep calm, move forward, and let the Lord fight on their behalf. The same is still true today. If you boldly and courageously left something behind in 2018, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, listen for instructions, let Him carry you forward, and stay calm as He Himself fights your battles.

If you are begging God for a miracle today, keep calm, press on, listen for instruction, and let Him work. He is a mighty God who often begins to work far earlier than we can see any evidence.

You are a beloved child of God just like the Israelites of the Old Testament. Now because of Jesus and His loving sacrifice, ALL who call on Him and believe are saved. We are given the full inheritance that the Israelites had by birth because we are the children of God by faith. He chose you..He sought you out. He destined you for this very day. Whatever the day ahead has in store for you, God will be with you. He will be working and battling on your behalf. Be still. Keep Calm. He Himself will battle on your behalf. You are His beloved child, and He will protect you fiercely and provide for you daily.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Help us to stay calm today and follow You right through the sea. I pray that we can walk courageously and calmly as you part the sea and drown out our worry, doubt, fear, anger, anxiety, and troubles of all kinds. Lord, keep us walking on dry ground today. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Praying a blessed day filled with the provision of the Lord over you!

Vanessa Lynn

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