Hope Stands Tall

Hope Stands Tall

Light drives out all darkness.
Light drives out all darkness.
Light drives out all darkness.

Sometimes, a girl(or guy) has to repeat something a few times to let it sink all the way in… Light drives out all darkness.

Just a little bit of light can drive out the deepest darkness, and the darker the room, the less light needed to make a noticeable difference.

Imagine a pitch black room. The kind where you can’t see your hands in front of you. One match or one small nightlight and the darkness flees. You can see the light. Even if it is small, that one light is noticeable and instead of total darkness, your eyes are drawn away from the dark and settle onto the light.

The light captures your attention. You are drawn to it. You can’t look away. It represents hope. Hope that this one little light may be the answer to this dark place. Hope that no matter how long you haven’t been able to see your hands, you can see them now. So, what else is there to see? What other magnificent sights are ahead if only the light would get brighter? What else have you been missing while standing here in the dark?

Darkness cannot withstand the light. Dark Seasons can’t stay dark forever. They may last an hour like that last hour before dawn. They may last the whole night from sunset to sunrise. Or they may last an entire season. Dark, cold wintry seasons are a part of life here on earth. Some seasons are darker than others and some last longer than others.

Yet, just as the sun rises anew each day. The summer sun also kisses your cheeks again each year. The longer the dark lasts, the less hope we find ourselves feeling that the sun will ever return.

As the hope lessens, the dark envelopes us, and we can sometimes feel like our dark season will never cease. That we will live in perpetual darkness.

Just because a season has been unbearably long doesn’t mean it will be the only season for the rest of your life. I would imagine that the last few weeks of winter before the first signs of spring appear, the animals must begin to think they will never again see the green of the earth. Yet, each spring, the snow melts, the sun warms up the earth, and the birds sing again.

And YOU will sing again too. The small match that can light a dark room can be found in a glimmer of hope. If you can allow your spirit to believe in spring again, you will begin to feel the flicker of hope rise up in your bones. It may be just a small match. You may be afraid to actually believe that the season is about to change for you, but hang onto that flicker of hope.

Look for the first signs of spring. Begin to speak life into your bones. Speak as if spring were just around the corner. Look for opportunities to fan the flames of your newfound hope so that it grows up tall and strong. That one little flicker of hope can light up a dark season just enough for you to see the next step you are meant to take. It may be just enough for you to notice a door in the hallway that used to look like a dead end. It may be enough for you to believe once again that there is more for you than what you are currently experiencing.

One flicker, one flame, one match of hope well timed can change your perspective of everything around youso that opportunity appears around the entire room in every corner that used to appear to be an empty space.

Need some hope? Need just a flicker of hope to get you hoping again? I searched up hope in the Bible App and found so many verses that I was almost overwhelmed. Why so many?

Because the Lord knew that we would need many reminders during the dark seasons that seasons DO change. He knew ahead of time that you would be right here, right now, and that you may need a flicker of hope to light the way. He wrote His Word with you in mind. I know that is hard to fathom, but it’s a truth you can let settle into your marrow. He loves YOU. He designed YOU. He wants to speak to YOU. Breathe new hope into YOU. Read these verses below as God is sitting right next to you speaking them to YOU. Because they are for you. A gift from Him to His beloved children is His Word that will be the anchor you need in rough waters and the flicker of hope you need in the dark.

Your prayers to Him can be the fan that turns the small flicker into a flame of hope that begins to stand tall and light the way out of the dark and into the sweet sunshine.

Breathe deep Gorgeous, your season is changing. Your light is coming. Your sunshine is ahead. Hope. Hope that Stands Tall is headed YOUR way.

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Vanessa Lynn

3 thoughts on “Hope Stands Tall

  1. So many times in my life just a flicker of hope has kept me going. I appreciate your post. I enjoy reading your blog even though I am not one of the gorgeous people you are writing to 🙂

    1. Hi! Thank you for sharing! I am so glad the blog is blessing you. I am thankful you are here! 🙂 And I agree, in my life too there have been many times when there was just a flicker of hope.

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