Provision, Daily Bread, Daily Needs Met, all by the Hands of God

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to fall in love with Jesus. He has something for you today….Heavenly Manna. Manna was the daily provision from heaven that the Lord supplied to the Israelites in their wilderness. As they wandered, He provided. This was a time of learning for them.. They are learning who their God is and what He can do. They are learning about His character and His mercy. His power and His ways. He is revealing Himself to them in fresh new ways that they have never experienced.

The amazement they must have felt the first day that the Manna came. The awe and wonder of food being sent every morning and evening. Manna in the morning and quail in the evening. And then for the Sabbath Day, he gave them double the amount the day before so that they could rest and observe the Sabbath.

Not only did He provide Every. Single . Day for them. He gave them a double portion before they needed in preparation for what He knew was coming Sabbath.

God provides in the SAME way today. It may not be Manna and Quail, but He does even better. He provides for the individual needs that each of us have. He knows you and He knows what you need in all areas. He provides abundantly for those who love Him and lean on Him and trust in Him. He has daily provision and it changes as your needs change.

He also provides ahead of time sometimes in provision for a need you will experience. Have you ever done something a little differently than your normal routine and then later found out why? That is God’s provision ahead of time. Moving and shifting things ahead of whatever trial you will face, so that you have what you need in each season.

He abundantly provides. He is concerned about you. Even things that you may feel are small and maybe unimportant to God in the big scheme of things, even those things matter to Him. He cares about YOU, so if something matters to you. If there is a desire on your heart, a worry on your mind, a need you have, you can seek Him and tell Him. Let Him know that you need His provision of time when you are feeling hard pressed from all sides. Let Him know that you need His provision of patience on a rough morning. Let Him provide for you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. He has it all. Seek Him first, and you will experience abundance in new ways. He will bless you with things you may not have even known you needed. He will heal areas you might not have known were hurting. He will repair and heal and shift and align your life all while providing your daily Manna every step of the way. Seek Him first, and things will shift.

Gorgeous girl, the love the Father has for you is so vast it is incomprehensible. He works in ways we don’t fully understand. He moves in ways that can be mysterious. But through it all, He will provide. When you are wandering through a wilderness in your life, and answers seem out of reach, accept your daily Manna and ask God what you can learn from this season. Pour out your needs before Him and listen and watch for His movements. As you seek Him, you will find Him.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Eyes on you. Eyes on you. Lord, we lean into You for the Heavenly provision of everything we need in each moment today. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

I pray blessings and provision over you today.

Vanessa Lynn

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