Affirmations from Week 3 of 2019

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. Yesterday has washed away, and a new chance has risen with the sun. It’s Sunday. A day for drawing even nearer to the Lord.

As you grow in your walk with Jesus and as you pray, it’s also important to speak life and truth into yourself and over your life.

Our spoken words carry immense power. They have the power to create or destroy. The Lord spoke the world right into existence with His words. And now because of Jesus, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit whom He sends to every believer. Because of the Holy Spirit, our words have even more power. We are created in the likeness of God, equipped with His Spirit, and we have been given authority.

So when we speak, Heaven moves and demons flee.

When we speak, things shift.

When we speak, the spiritual realm takes action.

You have authority given to you by God, and you have the power to speak life into your life and your situations.

When you speak Positive Affirmations, you are not only shifting and shaping the situations around you, but you are developing a core belief system that can hold you up on tough days. When doubt strikes or failures rise, your core beliefs will be shaped by the truth of Jesus because you have been speaking life into your soul each day.

So words matter. Speak positive truths into your life each day. Here are the Affirmations from the blog posts this past week.


Speak them often. Change your thoughts, change your words, and watch your situations shift.


Vanessa Lynn

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