Tuesday’s Post: I failed already, but God is merciful again and again.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day brimming with possibilities and new chances to say yes to the call of God on your life. There is more in store for you than what you are currently experiencing. Whatever season you are in whether it is a difficult one or a season of abundance, there is still more up ahead. That is how God works. He never leaves us idle. We don’t coast for long. There will be periods of Holy rest, but as we walk in obedience, God has more for us.

Right now, God is growing my courage and strengthening my ability to hear and obey Him. I failed yesterday. I repented yesterday. And the beautiful news for today is that as sure as the sun will rise, the Lord’s mercies are new every day. This means that He will give me another chance to get right today what I failed yesterday.

My daughter needed new dance shoes. I prefer Payless for dance shoes. She grows out of them so quickly. They are fairly inexpensive there, and I can get in and out of their small store quickly. Addy had other plans, and her plans didn’t include Payless. We are wired differently. I move quickly. I charge through my day accomplishing as much as my hands and feet will allow. The Lord has blessed me with a daughter who appreciates beauty, long conversations, deep thought, and who doesn’t see the need to rush ever. She is teaching me everyday to stop and look around at all the beauty around me.

She wasn’t settling for Payless. She wanted to go to the dance supply store. She was hoping to reconnect with her old dance teacher there and talk to her. She also loves to shop, and she wanted to look around the store admiring all of the pretty dance related gear. I just wanted to buy new shoes for her. I agreed to check out the dance supply store with her, and it was a God thing for sure.

From the moment we walked in, I felt like I was supposed to be there. The woman who owns the shop introduced herself and we started chatting right away. She knew Addyson’s old dance teacher and she started telling us stories of life and dance on Pine Island with Addy’s dance teacher. She also shared some struggles that she had been facing, and I felt immediately impressed to pray with her. God orchestrated the whole thing for us. I was sitting on the floor. She was trying ballet shoes on Addy. We were the only ones in the store. She so candidly shared her heart. The Lord instructed me to pray with her. And…. I didn’t do it.

I encouraged her. We talked about God’s plans and purpose. I shared about His strength to get her through. Everything, but what I was asked to do. Which was to Pray with her, to Agree with her in prayer, to Bring heaven’s power to earth. I was given a beautiful assignment and everything was in place for us to meet with God together right there in her dance store. Except my flesh and my brain disobeyed the heavenly directions. And that is one of the worst, most defeated feelings.

I walked out of the store and promised to pray for her. I got in the car, and as I started to drive away, I began to pray for her. Then, I repented. I missed my assignment. I looked at Addyson, and I told her exactly what just happened. Addyson had already heard the woman pour her heart out to us. So I explained to Addy that mommy had to repent because the Holy Spirit gave me instructions to pray, and I didn’t listen. I explained to her a little more, and then we prayed together for the woman.

I am sharing this openly and transparently because it’s a real struggle some days to fully live out the calling of a Christ Follower. This life is not just for nicey conversations and promised prayer. We are an empowered people called for boldness in Christ. This walk is not one of slinking away in fear. It is bold, scary, and marked by obedience. The woman yesterday was a Christ follower, but she like all of us, could have been uplifted by the power of the Lord when 2 or more ask in His name. The encounter could have been so much more powerful than it was if I had said yes when God called.

Was it a lovely talk? Yes. Did we both enjoy each others stories and conversation? Yes. But God had bigger plans. He had plans to take our small talk and send heaven’s power to earth as it is in heaven. That’s what our prayers do. They speak life into the earth, and they access power in heaven and bring it to earth. Our prayers move mountains. Our prayers shift hearts. Our prayers change situations, shift perspectives, lift up weary hearts, and heal hurts. Let us boldly access that power when people need it. Let us overcome our fears and boldly pray when a hurting person needs it. Let our desire for God’s healing power and grace be greater than the fears standing in our way from accessing what He has available and waiting for us.

So, today is a fresh new day. I serve an amazing merciful God who quickly forgave me, filled me with His love, and is faithful to keep giving me assignments even after I mess up.

He is a good, good God who loves us, and will continue to patiently teach us. We are a holy people who carry immense power. People need what we carry. I pray that we can cast our fears aside and boldly pray with people when there is a need set before us.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Move our hearts to receive the equipping grace we need to say yes when You place assignments on our hearts. I pray that we can hear Your voice and I pray that we have obedient hearts that follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’s name, Amen

May you be BOLD in Christ today,

Vanessa Lynn

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