Dream Revival

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day! A fresh start. AGAIN.

That beauty seriously amazes me everyday. We get a new sunrise, a new dawn, a new chance, a fresh 24 hours that have never been lived before. Every.single.day we get a new chance to seize the day! Forget yesterday’s failure, dive into today’s possibilities!

New days, bring all new cleansing. New chances. New opportunities. New chances. New. New. New.

What my heart is dwelling on today is the importance of having a dream or even a couple of dreams. Sometimes fear keeps us in a state of continual survival mode and prevents us from dreaming of more.

Fear whispers lies like: not you, not now, not ever.

Fear freezes us where we are and makes us afraid to step out into the unknown for fear of failure.

But that fear can sometimes not only keep us from stepping forward, but keep us from even dreaming of stepping forward.

God has amazing plans for YOU! Amazing, exciting, blow your mind with His goodness plans! Your role is to partner with Him in faith and believe that He has big plans and purposes for you. Don’t count yourself out, instead pray for God to help you count yourself back in!

If the enemy can freeze you in fear and make you afraid to dream with God, then he succeeds in preventing God’s purposes from ever taking flight in your life.

Ever since I was a young child, I told anyone who would listen to me that I planned to raise a large family. I wanted to adopt and be a mommy. Those were the desires of my heart. Fast forward, thirty years and I was in a dark state. Struggling through a divorce, feeling shattered, broken, and just plain messy. In THAT season, God revived my dream. And the enemy fought back. I had every unworthy thought attack me.

Who was I to think that I could foster a child alone?

My life was already broken beyond repair, now was not the time to pursue old dreams.

The adoption agency would laugh at me, judge me, and the door would slam closed.

These were only a few of the awful fears crippling me from moving forward.

God persisted. He called me worthy. He named me courageous and able. He wrote my purpose. He kept placing it back on my heart, and I could not shake the dream loose. I looked around at my 2 bedroom condo, sat down my two young children and asked them their thoughts. “Yes. Mommy. Yes. We have love.”

The day I called the Children’s Network to begin the process, my heart pounding. My palms sweaty. My mind full of all the reasons I should be counted out. And yet, God pushed me forward. I called, and none of my fears came true. The agency welcomed me and my family with open arms.

I pushed forward. Took each scary step forward. Prayed and prayed and prayed.

Prayed all my fears. Layed them at the feet of Jesus. He picked them up and gave me courage, strength, power, and a continual reservoir of faith.

My baby boys came about 6 months after that first scary phone call. God counted me in even when I had counted myself out. What he does for one, He will do again for another. I share my story to stir your faith. To revive an old, forgotten dream or to give you courage to dream a new dream.

God has plans for you. They are good. Sooo good! Lean in close today and ask Him to breathe new life on your dreams. He will amaze you with His good plans for your life.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Praying for a dream revival. That the people of God would dream God sized dreams for their relationships, their healing, their families, their futures, and their generational line. That we would seek out healing in all areas of our life so that we can move forward in Your plans for our lives. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Praying for a dream revival for each of you today!And that as God fulfills one dream, we are courageous enough to dream again!!

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