Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day! A fresh start! The sun is shining down and wrapping the day in light. I’ve been quiet lately as I am in a season of rest. I am a teacher and my summer has started. Life is gently slowing down. Yet, I am well aware that it won’t be long before it amps back up because life is seasonal. There are seasons of rising before dark and seasons of rising as the sunshine pours in.

There are seasons of hardship, and seasons of lighter loads.

Seasons of being hard pressed, and seasons of being lifted up.

Seasons of holding your breath afraid to inhale or exhale, and seasons of finally breathing full breaths again.

Seasons of wintry dark, and seasons of summer light.

Regardless of your season today at this very moment, please take heart…..seasons do CHANGE.

You will not be in any season forever. Life is seasonal just like the rotation of the earth.

Right now my family is resting up and gearing up for a season of stretching and strengthening. The Lord is calling us forward to pick up more, to enlarge our tents once again, to drive in and strengthen our stakes. And as we do that in faith, we will continue to look to Jesus as the supplier of our strength, our peace, our ration, our answer, our joy, and the provider of every single need that we face each day.

So today we are resting. Soon, we will be sowing. Gorgeous girl, lean close to Jesus. Whatever your season, speak these affirmations today about Jesus so that your spirit and the whole universe knows that He’s got you my friend!

Jesus will supply my strength.
He will supply my peace.
He will supply my ration.
He will supply my answer.
He will supply my joy.
He will supply every.single.thing. that is needed as I walk today.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Draw us close Lord. Draw us into a place of peace where we can be filled with clarity, strength, answers, provision, and even joy in EVERY season!
In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings from my family to yours!

Vanessa Lynn

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