Keep Battling, Your Victory is Your Children’s Victory too.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new dawn is going to be revealed soon, and the earth will be washed in light. Dark things will become light. Shadows will flee. It will start with just a little light, a blue hue will begin to emerge as the sun begins to peek through. Then, as it rises higher and higher, everything is covered in light. What was hidden in the night, is revealed in the light of day. If you feel like you are reaching for something, but it seems hidden and elusive and hard to grasp, take heart it may be waiting for the Light of the Lord to shine on it. Bring it to Him in Prayer and let Him shine the light needed to show you the way to receive it.

God’s light reveals what was hidden. It makes plain and simple that which was muddy and confusing.

His Word brings clarity and settles double mindedness.

I am reading through 2 Chronicles. Much of it is a review of Kings, and it is good to hear it again. The stories are intense and rich with wisdom. There are so many lessons in each one. I just read through the story of David’s reign. He is nearing the later years of his reign, and he desires to build a temple for the Lord. He wants to create a dwelling place to put the ark of the covenant. This was the holy container that was built to carry the presence of the Lord as the Israelites traveled many years earlier through the desert. The ark was Holy and designed with great attention to detail. It was also portable because the people had been nomadic for 40 years traveling in the wilderness.

During David’s reign, he went through great lengths to get the ark back into his possession. Now, he had the ark, and on his heart was the desire to build a permanent dwelling place for the Lord. A place for the people to offer sacrifices and worship. A place that was Holy and set apart where the Lord could dwell.

He took his desires to the Lord, and the Lord told him that he wouldn’t be the one to build the temple because he had shed too much blood in his lifetime. He would anoint his son Solomon, bless him greatly, and his son would be given the honor of building the temple for the Lord.

This story gives me a special hope as a mother. That even if there are desires on my heart that are not fulfilled to me, the Lord will allow my children to continue to carry on the purposes that He began with me.

The Lord is the Lord of ALL generations. If we don’t experience the completion of A God given dream, it could be that we were called to lay the foundation so that our children could continue the call!

David worked HARD as a warrior and again and again was victorious over the nations surrounding his land. This meant that during Solomon’s reign, there was rest on all sides. David’s work allowed his son Solomon to move ahead with the assignments of God because he won battles before Solomon that Solomon would never have to face!

One of my deepest prayers and desires is that of protection for my children from the awful things I have had to overcome in my lifetime. I pray that my victory is their victory, and that those battles are behind us for good. Abuse has been defeated. Patterns of dysfunction have been defeated. I am still battling some things that I am trusting the Lord for full victory over, so that my children can move ahead in the promise. And without those battles to contend with, they can focus on the purposes of the Lord fully with rest on all sides.

Solomon was able to focus on building the temple which was a huge, monumental assignment which took many many years, resources, wealth, and manpower. He couldn’t do that if he were still fighting old wars that his father didn’t win.

Yet, because David fought mightily, courageously, and without ceasing until he was victorious on ALL sides, now his son could continue on with the work of the Lord. Even though the Lord didn’t have David build the temple, He allowed His son to build it because of David’s faithfulness.

I find this to be so hope filled for Christian parents who have battled and battled to gain freedom from previous generations dysfunction, and can now watch their children not only be given rest, but to also be called by the Lord to Heavenly assignments and purposed by the Lord to do great and mighty works.

Gorgeous girl, the battles you face are not in vain! Keep fighting until you experience full victory and freedom. You are not only contending for your promises from God to be fulfilled, but also for your children. God is already making plans for your children’s ministry. He has destined and purposed them since the foundation of the earth too, and He will use your victories to carry your children ahead, instead of backwards.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the beautiful unfolding of Your Word in the bible. Thank You that Your Word is alive and able to speak to us and teach us today, so that we can live out the promises and purposes You have for us. Lord, strengthen us for battle. Give us victory over spiritual and physical battles so that our children can experience rest, so they can carry out New Assignments from You. In Jesus’s name, Amen

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