Even through goodbye, I trust You Jesus.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

Yeah, I know I dropped the ball on getting this posted by morning. Its summer, and I am really trying to keep writing. It’s still a brand new day. A fresh start! A new day to pour it all out unto the Lord. A new day to give Him everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly. A new day to let His light shine on your darkness. A new day to let His healing salve touch your wounds. A new day to trade your confusion for His clarity. A new day to trade in the pain that the world has given you for the joy you can access from heaven.

Even while our feet are walking here in the earth, we are co-heirs with Christ. Because of what Jesus accomplished, we are called sons and daughters of God. We can walk here on earth with direct access to heaven’s power. God has made the dwelling place of His Holy Spirit on the inside of His sons and daughters! His Holy Spirit gives equipping grace for everything your soul needs today.

I am leaning into that grace today hard. I need what He has made available to me. This morning I said goodbye to three precious girls that we cared for, for the last 10 days. I said, “Good Morning my beautiful girls.” For the last time. I braided their hair for the last morning. I buckled them in for the last time. I hugged them tight, told them how loved and precious and beautiful and strong there are. I said goodbye. It hurt.

I knew going in that this was just 10 days of caring for them, yet something happens to a mother’s heart as she dresses, bathes, settles disputes, kisses booboos, watches cartoons, serves dinner, tucks into bed at night, learns individual likes and dislikes…. as a mother cares for a child whether her own biologically or not, a mother’s heart grows. It has enough to give and give and give some more. And when a mother’s heart is connected to Jesus, as she pours out, He pours more in.

Don’t get me wrong, there are hard moments. But today, like a mother who forgets the pain of childbirth after she holds her newborn, I can barely resurrect the difficult moments from the last week of having eight children under my care, and instead my mind is over flowing with sweet moments.

*Watching Ayden smile as the girls flooded his room each night to say goodnight to him.

*Watching Addyson go through her nightgowns and pick three special princess gowns to place in a gift bag for when they got home from school.

*Seeing the twins grow up before my eyes as they turned into little leaders and showed the girls where things were, explained how we do certain things, and especially being helpful with them at church.

*And even Nia helped out. She would share her toys and her momma as much as a 2 year old can…

*Hearing, “Mommmy!” each afternoon as they got home from daycare. Every day, they would run into the house with Chuck, and scream, “Mommy!” until they found me..Then, they would hug me tight, and run off to play.

*Watching Chuck and I grow as parents and having our tents widened and our tent stakes strengthened.

These are just a few of the overflow blessings that we experienced this week.

As I say goodbye to my girls, and settle back into our old routine, I am trusting that Jesus is holding them close. I am trusting that His promises are for them. I am trusting that they were His girls planned and purposed since the foundation of the earth. I am boldly trusting the Lord to fill in every gap and every hole from the losses they have experienced. I am trusting that He will place salve into every wound, and completely heal every hurt. And that ultimately His good plans for them will come to pass as they grow up.

I may not know how their future will unfold, but I know that the Lord will never leave them. He will care for them. If I could love them this far and deep and wide after just a little over a week, then How MUCH MORE must their Creator love and care for them. His love is deeper than the ocean, and hard for us to comprehend.

So, today Gorgeous Girl, I encourage you to trust that God has made every single thing available to you that you need. He is here for you. He is on your side. And another amazing thing is that YOU have power. You have Extreme Power to cry out and receive from the Lord what you need today. Trust Him today. Tell Him. Tell Him what is on your heart, and allow Him to minister to you. He is waiting for you to just come and receive.

Today, I am trusting Him with my heart. Trusting that He will fill the loss I feel today. Trusting that He will heal and protect and continue to care for my three girls. Trust. Trust. Trust.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for making a way for us to be connected to You even while we are in the earth..Thank You for the grace You give to help us through tough days. Thank You for being our provider of ALL things.

Blessings to all of you today!

Vanessa Lynn

In Jesus’s name, Amen

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