Friendships… A reminder that God is in the details.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start! A new dawn will be upon us shortly. The sun will rise, and the day will begin afresh.

I am currently in the Georgia mountains surrounded by a group of close friends who I call, “my village.” They are the people who are always there no matter how deep the valley or how high the mountain. We have grieved together and we have celebrated together. The tears have fallen freely in some seasons and the laughter has abounded in others. We have held hands in the face of fear. We have prayed hard prayers together. We have picked eachother up, brushed off knees, straightened crowns, spoke words of love and life, and reminded eachother who we are in Christ. We have shared many difficult conversations.

There have been seasons in each of our individual lives where we were facing battles where it felt like we may not make it out alive. Yet in those darkest hours, the gift of having a friend come beside you, and get right down into the mud beside you and lift you up, is a very special treasure. To get eye to eye in the muck with someone you love and say, “You will not stay here forever, but while you are here, I am with you.” is the most loving thing you can do for someone.

This morning, I quietly rose and crept downstairs to read and pray.

As I sit here, I am just filled with thanksgiving this morning for these amazing humans that the Lord so strategically placed into my life one at a time. Each friendship definitely God ordained and God purposed. Each one of these dear friends have spoken wisdom into my life, and I believe I have done the same for them. As I sit here thinking about the blessing of having a close friend, I realize again this morning that God is IN the DETAILS of our lives. His Hands are in everything.

So often, I believe and trust that He has the big stuff under control, yet I forget that He cares about ALL of my life. All of it! He knows the very number of hairs on my head which tells me that God is interested in details. He has His Hands on my home, on my family, on my friendships, on my finances, on my workplace, on my classroom, and on all of my daily interactions. And the more I invite Him in and ask for His will over mine, the more evident His Presence on my life will appear. He is a gentle, loving Father who will come into every single area that He is invited into.

This morning I invite Him afresh into every area of my life including my friendships. I invite Him to strengthen bonds and show me ways to continue to care for my friends the way Jesus demonstrated love to His friends.

Gorgeous girl, God is interested in every single detail of your life. He cares about the things that matter to you. When You invite Him in, He will come time and time again. If you need a close friend, tell Him. If you have a financial need, pour it out in prayer. If you are making a move, ask Him for guidance and wisdom. If you are looking for employment or thinking about a change in jobs, let Him lead the way. He is interested, involved, and invested in every area of your life. Invite Him in, and watch a masterpiece unfold as all of the separate areas become one God painted canvas.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I lift up every person who reads this today and ask that they receive revelation of an area that they can invite You into. That we can begin to grow in trusting that You are deeply involved in everything from friendships to workplaces. That You desire to guide us, lead us, impart wisdom, and give blessings. Open our hearts afresh to Your ways and help us to be open to the places, people, and relationships that You have ordained for us. Protect our closest relationships and strengthen us in Christ. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

Blessings to all of you today! May God touch and bless the details of your lives!!

Vanessa Lynn

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