To Change a Name or Not??

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start to begin again. A new chance to rise up and move into the space that God has provided for you. The places and spaces that are destined for you by the Creator of Heaven and Earth. He has assignments, conversations, places, and appointments just for you. May you rise up today and recognize every assignment from heaven and step forward boldly into what has been prepared for you long ago.

Friends, I am working on my next grace post: empowering grace. I believe there is power available and accessible to us to move in the earth boldly. That post is coming soon.

In the meantime, I would love some input from you. This space, this blog was born in August 2016. It began as a part of my healing journey after trauma and loss. I was working through so many feelings at once, and God showed up in the darkness and met me time and time again. I needed a space to process and write and share the tools He was giving me. So Brave, Blessed, and Beautiful was that sacred space. The name came from a struggle I was having to write and speak Positive Affirmations over myself. Then, I realized many other women struggled to speak kindness over themselves too. We’ve been trained that it’s taboo to love ourselves and bravely call ourselves beautiful. So, I boldly, although still scared….. named my site with those three positive affirmations: brave, blessed, and beautiful. You can read why I chose those three specifically here: Why Brave, Blessed, and Beautiful?

What I am feeling now is that this space is changing. The messages are about more than healing although that is still a driving theme. The audience has stretched beyond women. The messages are for the children of the Living God. They are to empower, equip, strengthen, and keep us moving forward in the purposes He has ordained for us. So….this Grace Series that I honestly have struggled through writing has shifted my thinking. I have been thinking about grace alllll day long for weeks. As I am going about my days, I am soaking in thoughts, prayers, and musings about His Grace.

And I realized its triumph over the dark is a huge focus in most of the posts I share.

Every time the sun rises and light drives away the darkness: Grace Wins!

When you put your feet to the ground when all you really want to do is stay in bed: Grace Wins!

When you stand tall even though inside you are trembling: Grace Wins!

When you show up instead of taking the easy way out: Grace Wins!

When you own your mistakes and speak truth: Grace Wins!

When your child hugs you tight and tells you that they love you: Grace Wins!

When someone opens the door to Jesus: Grace Wins!

When someone turns around from the wandering path and reaches out a hand for guidance back to God’s purposes: Grace Wins!

When you speak your I am statements even though you don’t believe them yet: Grace Wins!

When you begin to recognize the enemy’s lies and replace them with God’s Truth: Grace Wins!

Whenever light triumphs over darkness: Grace Wins!

And the bible has already revealed how it will all ultimately end after all of the pain, heartache, struggle, and battling is over…… GRACE WINS!!!!!

Friends, I could go on and on… but what I am asking today is for your input… Should I rename this blog space? I am thinking… you probably already guessed it… Grace Wins!

Will you drop a comment with your input? And if you have another name or a revision blending both names, will you share that too?

I need some creative input before I make any big changes. Thanks all!

Much love and blessings to all of you!

Vanessa Lynn

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