A Best Friend, a New Blogger, and Timely Encouragement

I guess its…Good Afternoon Gorgeous!

The day is still young, and it has been a busy one already. My daughter performed in her first play this morning. She attended theater camp for the last 3 weeks, and this morning was the culminating performance. It was one of those wake up and hit the ground running mornings. Which is good actually because school is starting again, so we needed the warm up this morning. We got a glimpse into the reality that weekday life is resuming all too soon!

In the midst of all of that, I was able to send a few messages to a friend letting her in on some of my fears, doubts, and a few yucky feelings creeping in. She immediately knew just what to say. Just a few short messages and I was already feeling stronger.

She is a friend who has climbed down into the trenches with me. She has battled on my behalf, and I have done the same for her. More than once, we have held hands in what felt like a pit of doom. We have prayed for each other’s breakthroughs, and celebrated together when the triumph occurred. She is a warrior for her daughter and for other women, and I am honored to share life with her. This week while she was away on a trip, she felt the strong pull to start a blog. The desire has been on her heart for years, and this week the blog was born! She has so many stories and her passion for empowering women is strong. Check out her photo blog at : MomStrongLife

She’s already written three inspirational posts:

  1. Embrace your cape, hero
  2. What are you going to do with all that dark? Find a way to GLOW in it.
  3. Anxiety Life Hacks.

I think you’ll find her space fun, uplifting, encouraging, and hope filled!

Also, as we were messaging this morning, she found an old post of mine and sent it to me. I am sharing it here today because a line from the post jumped out at me: You Gorgeous Girl are Being Beautifully Strengthened. And that’s just what is happening to each of us as we grow, rise, pray, breakthrough, triumph, struggle, triumph again….. We are being beautifully strengthened. I am so thankful for a best friend who can speak life into a busy morning and lift me up!

And here is the post she dug up from my archives. I pray it lifts you right up and outta any shadow thay may be sneaking up on you today.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. It’s Friday and for many of us, it’s the end of a long week and the beginning of a weekend full of possibilities. As you rise up and reflect over the past week, I pray that you are filled with a sense of accomplishment. Throughout the week, when you were going through each day you may have been so close to the action of the week, you didn’t notice all of your victories and accomplishments each day.

But as we zoom out a little on this Friday morning, and look back at all that lay ahead of us on Monday that is now behind us, we smile knowing that we rose up day after day this week and crushed each day. Some days may have been more difficult than others..Some may have had a looming to-do list, but each day you rose up and continued on and walked out the day. You triumphed over the week day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. It’s in those moments, hours, and days that we are strengthened. It’s in the showing up and the picking up of hard things that our muscles grow.

Today’s affirmation, you are being strengthened. Your muscles, endurance, and strength all grow through struggle and triumph over struggle. Just as any muscle in the body that you want to grow needs you to pick up weights to strengthen it, our inner strength grows as we face each day and work through the daily struggles of life. Each of our personal struggles looks different, but we can react to them similarly to grow our strength.

When things get hard, lean into God and pray for His help. He is right there waiting to give you exactly what you need in each moment whether it’s peace, the right words in response to someone, clarity of thought, or even a radical miracle. God will equip you in your hour of need. Your prayer can be as simple as, “Lord, come. I need You.” As you face adversity, struggle, or just the day ahead, remind yourself often. “I am being strengthened. These moments are making me stronger. I can do hard things because God has equipped me for this.”

Imagine each day that you have a wondrous inner strength muscle that with each triumph little or big, your magnificent muscle grows and grows. That your struggles don’t weaken you, but instead make you a powerful force of love, grace, kindness, and influence. Instead of fleeing from the struggle or being fearful of what lies ahead in wait, lean forward and into it. Say your “I am’s”, pray for what you need, and move ahead in boldness. You Gorgeous Girl are being beautifully strengthened.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Lord, I pray for a strengthening for the women who read this today. That a new faith would grow inside of them. That the women who read this begin to believe or are reminded fresh that they are powerful and being strengthened each day they put their feet on the ground. Remind them that You are for them and on their side. That You care about the little and big details of their lives, and that You will answer them when they call out to You.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Blessings to each of you today!

Vanessa Lynn

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