Grace Wins: Equipping Grace

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. Soon, the dawn will begin to chase away the dark..the sun will begin with a blue hue and then rise up high and bright and bathe the earth in sweet light.

It’s a beautiful new day to step forward into the call of God on your life. To boldly believe again that He has great purposes for you. That His plans remain good and pure and for you. His mighty plans in the earth include you, include your walk with Him, and include your obedience to His calling.

For each of us, the call, the purpose, the destiny will look different. Just as no two fingerprints are identical, no two walks with God are just alike. Just as unique as your physical DNA, is your God given purpose and calling. Just as we have physical similarities and difference , we also have spiritual similarities and differences.

The differences are the unique places that the Lord has called YOUR feet to walk..the similarities include the ways He abundantly equips us with grace to go where He calls!

You, child of God, have a special call, a special destiny, and special assignments. The Lord has chosen you for the work of the kingdom. He has great and mighty plans for you. And wherever you stand today in your walk with Jesus whether you just recently took your first step together or you’ve been walking in step for decades, God still has more purpose for you, more assignments for you, more plans for you, and they are all to prosper you and to prosper the kingdom. He wants to bring heaven to earth through you.

The difference is the unique call, the unique people, the unique assignments that are just for you. There are people in your life who need your testimony because your story is the one that will touch and open their hearts.

The similarities are that God will call each of us farther, deeper, or even higher than we could ever travel on our own might. He will call you into assignments, jobs, conversations, and onto roads that at first appear bigger than your ability. The doors might be too large to open on your own. The terrain ahead too rocky, too steep uphill, too high for your ability level. BUT GOD and His generous Holy Spirit that equips us to do far more than we ever imagined. The Lord will grace you with His power that can put wisdom into your mind, words on your tongue, strengthen you to open the door, deepen your well of patience, help you to dig in your feet to the rocky mountainside and take another step forward.

That is the power of God’s equipping grace. It takes us into the places the Lord has planned for us long ago. It is what gives us the power to possess the promised land even when the promise land is occupied with giants in our way.

The equipping grace of God will fling open doors and pave the way for you to walk through them.

It will allow you to bravely and courageously face the giants boasting in your face and mocking your call.

It will allow you to calm lions.

It will equip you with provision and ability to continue to pour oil even when you thought you were running on empty.

It will provide guidance and strength to obey God’s instructions..

God’s equipping grace will allow you to walk on water, multiply His provision, and work miracles in His name.

His grace will equip you to walk in the earth filled and overflowing with His love and the fruits of the spirit.

By His equipping grace we can walk out everything He has called us to be!

We serve such an amazing, wonderful, kind, gracious Lord that He instructs us to live a holy life filled with peace, patience, kindness, generosity, and self control, AND THEN provides us with the Holy Spirit to empower us to do all He has called us to do.

He doesn’t leave us on our own to walk in love, but provides abundantly His love so that we have more than enough to pour out all over His people.

Gorgeous Girl, you have a mighty purpose AND you serve a mighty God who will equip you abundantly with the exact grace you need in each moment to move forward.

Whatever you need today, He has the grace to pour into you.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for an outpouring of strengthening and equipping grace. That each of us would clearly hear Your instructions and receive the equipping grace we need for every step we take today. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and Grace,

Vanessa Lynn

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