Our Divine Weapon of Praise

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. The day ahead is beautiful and there is fresh ground for you to possess. New places and breakthroughs are awaiting your movement forward to grab ahold of them. The Lord has fully equipped you to battle for the Promised Lands in your life. Just as the Israelites were given the Promised Land, yet they had to drive out the giants living there first, you also may have been battling giants standing in the middle of your promise.

Sometimes we are in the thick of the battle giving it all we’ve got. Other times we are standing on the edge of the promises of God, and refusing to go forth and take what is rightfully ours in Christ because we see giants standing in the way.

Whether you are in battle or you are standing at the edge of the battlefield trembling with fear at the thought of moving ahead, you have been equipped with Holy Weapons. And many of your weapons are accessed by your tongue. There is life and death in the tongue. Holy Weapons of our tongue are our: praises, prayers, and positive affirmations or declarations of the Word of God. When we speak, things seen AND unseen begin to shift and move.

When we speak praises to our Lord, power leaves our tongue. The atmosphere around you shifts. As you praise Heaven moves, angels are assembled, the Lord hears, and inhabits the praise of His people, AND the enemy has to flee. Your praise, your song or even spoken words of praise have power to shift things here on earth.

Your praises are a sharp weapon in the battlefield. They draw you closer to the Lord and bring you into communion with Him. Your praises access His Holy Presence. He is able to come and strengthen you, equip you, heal you, deliver you, and administer whatever your soul is depleted of as you praise Him. Our praises open the gates of heaven and allow us to recieve Holy Power.

Our praises slay the giants coming against us on all sides. Ever feel like you are being pressed and attacked from every direction? There is a battle at work, then something happens at home, and at the same time you get sick or you have a financial crisis, and it all hits at once! This happened to King Jehoshaphat in the Old Testament.

He recieved word that there were enemies closing in on several sides all at once, and the news got worse! They were already very close at hand. The pressure was on, and the situation looked bleak. It looked hopeless. The armies coming against him were numerous and he was outnumbered and ill equipped compared to the enemy armies.

But God! Jehoshaphat had battle weapons of the heavens! He may not have had the earthly weapons and armies like his approaching enemy, BUT he had all of heaven’s armies backing him up. He prayed hard to the Lord, and then him and ALL the people praised God. They began to sing and praise, and the men went ahead in battle singing, “Give thanks to the Lord for His love endures forever.”

And as they sang, the Lord turned the enemy armies against eachother and they were all defeated.

The only weapons drawn from Gods people were those of divine nature! Prayers and Praises!!

Your praise is a mighty weapon against the enemy. Your praise shifts things, moves things, brings heaven’s power down to earth, and defeats the enemies coming against you. Praise in the deepest of valleys and praise in the darkest of nights and praise in the thick of the battle is a mighty weapon.

Your praises will make space in your spirit for God to strengthen your legs for the climb out of the valley.

Your praises will draw light into the darkest night.

Your praises will equip you for battles bigger than you. Your praises will bring your victory.

Here is a powerful worship song that was written in the battlefield:


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for being a good, good Father whose love endures forever. Thank You for inhabiting the praises of Your people. Thank You for being a Lord who meets us right in the battlefield and fights our battles.

In Jesus’s name, Amen

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