Bold Prayers

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. The dawn will soon break the darkness with its sweet light. It comes so gently and slowly as it changes the dark of night to deep blue then softer shades of blue, purple, orange, and pink. Sunrises are slow. There is a transition from darkness to light. It would be blinding if the switch happened all at once. It would be sudden and frightening to have the light of day come on like a switch. Our eyes wouldn’t be adjusted yet.

When we submit our ways over the Lord, He often gently works the same way in our hearts and in our lives. He is continually renewing, growing, and sanctifying us to be more like the spirit and less like the flesh. He is teaching us to be more concerned with the business of the Father and the ways to bring heaven to earth than with the needs of our flesh. To be concerned with things of eternal value, and how to even distinguish between the two. We are a continual work in progress, but we serve a kind, gentle, loving God who even made the sunrise sweet and soft.

When we are fully submitted to God like willing clay in the Potter’s Hands, He can mold and stretch and design us for the good purposes and destiny He planned for us long ago.

I am sharing my prayer to Him this morning. Its vulnerable and yet bold to allow Him to work fully in our lives. I am learning to trust Him more and more. And this prayer would have scared me to death a few years ago. Yet, I am learning His ways really are best and I trust His gentleness.

Morning Jesus. I love You. I love the way You care for me. Protecting me. Guiding me. Speaking truth and love into me. Not allowing me to stay in any one comfort zone too long. Growing me, pruning me. Gently tending to my weeds while fertilizing my fruit. You Lord are faithful, ever present. My strong tower. My ever present help. Never leaving me. Never forsaking me. Never staying silent for too long. You reveal Yourself in so many different ways. You are my Comforter. My Shield. My Shepherd. My Savior. My Father. My Friend. My everything.

Lord, I submit to You fully and completely. Giving You my life, my heart, my children, my marriage, my home. Lord, have Your way in all of it. Move things, shift things, rearrange and realign. Make some things new while polishing up others.

Drive out wrong thinking. Replace it with the truth of Your Word. Fill my heart and mind with the things of God, so that there is no more room for anything of the world to fit. Let my portion be all You. Your desires, Your plans, Your ways, Your truths. Here I am Lord. Have your way in everything. Let nothing go untouched by Your Hands.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


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