God’s Got Your Back

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise up despite the battlefield your feet may be stepping into. Rise regardless of what lies ahead today. Rise and take the first faithful step of putting your feet to the ground.

Previously, I shared that we have an abundant arsenal of spiritual weapons, and then I wrote specifically about praise as being one of our powerful weapons that brings down heaven’s power. We have more weapons: prayer, the declarations of truth we speak with our mouths ( I am statements), God’s Word, and fasting. I desire to write a post on each of those weapons as God leads me to do so, and He equips me with the words. It is really amazing the divine power we each carry around all day. We have access to what we need for EVERY battle we face.

In addition to His Holy equipping of His people (you and me as believers in Christ), He ALSO promised to have our back! He gives us FULL access to a wide variety of Powerful Heavenly weapons that can move mountains right into the sea when used in full faith. Not only are you fully capable as a follower of Jesus to fight with the authority of heaven, but in addition you have the promise that when it gets tough, He will uphold you.

When the water rises, He is there.

When the tide rushes in unexpectedly, He is there.

When you are almost knocked off your feet, He is right there.

When you stumble, you will not fall. He is right there.

When you slip, He is there.

When you have given it all you got and you feel like giving up, He is there.

When the dark of night seems to last forever, He is there.

When you seem to have hit a brick wall with no way out, He is there.

When hopelessness sneaks in, He is there.

And what is He doing?

He is holding you up. He is coming up alongside of you. Lifting you out of the deep. Standing you back up. Squaring out your shoulders with His hands, dusting off your knees, wiping your brow, offering you a drink of living water, placing His arm around you, or leaning you against Him so that you can rest a moment on His strength.

He promises that when we pass through deep waters, He will be with us.

He promises that when we walk through the fires of this life, they will NOT consume us.

He promises to hold us up with His righteous right hand!!!

So whatever is ahead in your day, He will be there. You have been equipped with what you need to be a warrior today. You have the power to turn on your worship music and sing with all your heart. You have the power to lift your voice and pray to the living God who hears you and moves on your behalf. You have access to the truth of His Word. In the midst of all those weapons, when you are weary. He is right there holding you up with His right Hand!!! He’s got you with His Strong Arm! He will hold you as you rest awhile and regain your strength. So rise up this morning in praise and prayer. And when the battle is too much, just lean back and into His Steady Hand. He’s got your back today and everyday.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Your goodness amazes me. Your love is endless. Your plans for us are good. You have equipped your children with all we need, and then You still dwell among us holding us up strong, steady, and firm. Thank you Lord for being such a good Father. Always there. Our ever present help in times of need. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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    1. Thank you for the words pondering, meditating, dwelling, and leaning on. What a great reminder that we can slow down and just sit on a thought about Jesus and spend time with Him soaking in His promises.

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