Boldy Pray the Desires of Your Heart, no Holding Back

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new moment to rise and move ahead. A new chance to shake off yesterday and bask in the newness of a fresh dawn.

This reminder each day is just what we need to boldly try again what we missed yesterday. Each day we get a new chance. Each day we get a fresh dose of grace from God. We can ask for the Lord to provide what we need. He is ever faithful.

Don’t hold back in your prayers because you can’t see with your human eyes how God will ever provide what you are asking for. Leave the impossible part up to the Lord. That’s what He does. He is a miracle working God who can do the very things and supply the provision that you cannot. If it were easy to figure out and easy to obtain, then you could rely on your own capabilities for it.

But God wants so much more for you than just what you can obtain with human hands. He desires you to achieve your God given purposes and potential. To reach and obtain what He has for you requires Heavenly activity, God’s providing Hands, and His equipping grace. So pray boldly for the desires of your heart. Tell Him your every need, every desire, every dream, ask Him for the impossible. Invite Him into your hopes and dreams. Ask Him to reveal His plans for you at the appointed time and ask for courage and divine enablement to boldly walk ahead in the plans of God. Often His dreams for us are the next level or the super size of what we were dreaming at first. The God given dreams that you begin to pray for are usually just the seedling of a much bigger picture that God has for you.

Spend time just talking to Him and laying it all on Him like you would pour your heart out to a daddy. A daddy who could listen and then actually put into motion the exciting thing you just told Him all about. A daddy who could strengthen you to accomplish it. A daddy who gave you the gifts and talents on the inside of you to achieve the very dream He placed on your heart that you just spilled out in conversation. A daddy who can open the doors that are safe and fruitful while closing those that are dangerous and unfruitful. A daddy who will patiently guide, protect, and equip you time and time again as you return to Him to talk. A daddy whose ears and arms are ALWAYS open and His ways are best.

Pray boldly to Him. Pray aloud like you really trust that He is right there listening, because He is. Tell Him what is standing in your way, what you need to move ahead, and what you most desire in your heart to happen. Be ready to obey when He gives you opportunity or instructions. Be ready to have Him move things in a way that you weren’t expecting. He may close a door that you had been sure was open for you. That disappointment may be excruciatingly painful. He is STILL at work for your good even when you don’t fully understand His movements. Keep praying, Keep returning to Him. Keep laying it all on Him. He is faithful and He will work all things out for the good of those who love Him.

Be ready to step back and see His Fingerprints all over everything. As we zoom out and a struggle is finally over, or a breakthrough comes, or a long awaited prayer is answered, we can look back and see all of the pieces fit together. In the dark places where it felt like God wasn’t there or wasn’t hearing us, we can see where He was actually busy at work. That revelation often comes afterwards, so in the thick of the battle or in the midst of an upward mountain climb toward a God sized dream, keeeeeeep praying. Don’t stop pouring it all out onto Him. Every time you pray, you are receiving power from the living God to keep going. He is ever faithful and He is going to see you all the way through.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your faithfulness to us. Thank You for turning Your ear to us as we pray. Strengthen us to keep going, to keep praying, to keep believing today. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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